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VIC Vouchers: a guide to claiming & using your vouchers

Article last updated: 23 March 2022

If you're looking for information about the State Government's Victorian voucher initiative, you're in the right place. We will be updating this page with loads of handy info to help you make the most of the scheme.

The Victorian Government has announced additional funding towards dining, travel, and entertainment vouchers that will be rolling out from March 2022. The updated scheme includes additional dining and travel vouchers, as well expanding the program as a whole. In total, there will be four different types of vouchers available:

  • Melbourne Dining Vouchers (also known as ‘Midweek Melbourne Money’)
  • State-Wide Dining Vouchers
  • Entertainment Vouchers
  • Victorian Travel Vouchers (Metropolitan and Regional Travel Vouchers) Registration open from 2pm 23 March 2022 at Victorian Travel Voucher Scheme

Stays booked with BIG4 parks in VIC will be eligible for the Victorian Travel Vouchers. For inspiration on where to book during the eligible travel periods, take a look at our VIC BIG4 Parks.

For more information on each individual voucher, where to use them, and how to apply, see the below sections on this page:

  • 1. Victorian Travel Voucher (Metropolitan & Regional Travel Vouchers)
  • 2. Melbourne & State-wide Dining Vouchers
  • 3. Entertainment Vouchers

For information on the NSW Voucher scheme visit Discover NSW Vouchers.

For information on the SA Accommodation and Experience vouchers visit A Guide to SA River Vouchers.

We hope to see you at a BIG4 park soon. Pictured: BIG4 Bright Holiday Park.

1. Victorian Travel Voucher (Metropolitan & Regional Travel Vouchers)

From 2pm on Wednesday 23 March 2022, Victorian residents aged 18 and over will be able to apply for a $200 travel voucher to spend on accommodation and tourism expenses in Victoria. There will be 140,000 vouchers up for grabs and will be available on a first-come-first-served basis. The voucher will provide a $200 reimbursement for accommodation, tours and attraction fees in metropolitan and regional Victoria when you spend a minimum of $400. 

This is an extension of the previous travel voucher scheme that occurred throughout 2021, however it is no longer separated into two voucher programs. All locations within Victoria will fall under the one travel voucher. To apply, head to Victorian Travel Voucher Scheme.

Where to use your travel vouchers

the Victorian Travel Voucher can be be used for a range of tourism related activities and expenses. The voucher will be a reimbursement of the cost after payment and travel has been completed. You will be able to claim your voucher on a BIG4 Holiday Park bookings as long as it your stay meets the eligibility criteria. To see where you could use your voucher check out some of the great BIG4 Holiday Parks in Victoria.

You can use your travel voucher on paid accommodation, paid tours and experiences or entry fees to attractions. For a few examples of where you can use your voucher, see the below categories. (Lists not exhaustive)

Paid accommodation:

  • Cabins, caravans or sites in holiday parks
  • Caravan and camping site fees
  • Serviced apartments
  • Backpacker and hostels
  • Bed and breakfasts
  • Cottages and farm stays
  • Private holiday rentals
  • Houseboats
  • Hotels, hotels, resorts, retreats and lodges

Paid tours and experiences:
  • Boat cruises 
  • Guided walks and tours
  • Bus tours and air tours
  • Agri-tourism
  • Food and wine tours
  • Sport tours
  • Outdoor and adventure tours
Entry fees to attractions:
  • Museums
  • Water parks
  • Local attractions
  • Theme parks 

For more information on eligible expenses you can take a look at Victoria Travel Voucher Scheme. For ideas and inspiration on where to use your voucher you can also take a look at Visit Victoria. 

How to claim and use your travel vouchers

The first step in using your travel voucher is to register and be a successful recipient of one of the 140,000 vouchers up for grabs. Registration for these vouchers must be submitted online at Victorian Travel Voucher Scheme. Registration will open from 2pm on 23 March 2022, and will close when the allocation of vouchers is exhausted. 

Travel voucher registration:

  • Register for a voucher online here (to be eligible to register you must be a Victorian resident aged 18 or over)
  • You will receive an email within 24 hours confirming your registration has been successfully received
  • Once your eligibility is confirmed you will be advised within 10 business days that you are a successful voucher recipient 
  • Book and take your trip anywhere within Victoria during the eligible travel period
  • After your trip, you will be able to redeem your voucher by providing invoices or receipts as evidence of eligible costs
  • Once the eligible expenses are confirmed, the $200 reimbursement will be transferred to your nominated Australian bank account
  • All payments will remain subject to final eligibility checks

Travel voucher rules:

  • Only can be used once you have received confirmation you are a Victorian Travel Voucher recipient
  • Stay must be a minimum of 2 consecutive nights in paid accommodation within Victoria 
  • Stay must occur between 8 April 2022 and 27 May 2022
  • You must spend at least $400 on eligible accommodation or travel expenses during the stay
  • Evidence of eligible expenses must be provided such as tax invoices or receipts 
  • The voucher can be used for bookings previously made as long as the stay dates fall within the required travel period
  • Voucher is non-transferable 

Ineligible expenses:

  • Gaming
  • Alcohol (except if alcohol is included in wine/brewery/distillery tasting type tour but excludes any alcohol purchased and consumed outside of the experience)
  • Fuel
  • Food and drinks except where packaged with a bookable tourism product
  • Groceries
  • Personal items such as clothing and accessories
  • Transport costs (rental vehicles, train and bus tickets)

For more information on registration and using your vouchers, you can take a look at Victoria Travel Voucher Scheme.

BIG4 Bendigo Marong Holiday Park.

2. Melbourne & State-Wide Dining Vouchers

Dining vouchers for both metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria will be available from March 2022 to encourage Victorians to dine with businesses across the state. The program will mean you can receive reimbursement for part of your bill with eligible businesses. The dining vouchers will be split into two types;

  • Midweek Melbourne Money (Melbourne Dining Voucher): A dining voucher for restaurants, cafes and bars located in the City of Melbourne, which allows you to claim 25% off your bill when you spend $40 or more between Monday to Thursday. This scheme is available now through Melbourne Money
  • Statewide Dining Voucher: A dining voucher for restaurants, cafes and bars located in the regional Victoria and Local Governments Areas outside of Melbourne CBD which allows you to claim 25% off your bill when you spend $40 or more between Monday to Thursday. This scheme is expected to launch 29 March 2022

Where to use your dining vouchers

There  are two types of dining vouchers available, allowing you to dine anywhere across Victoria and receive a discount. All vouchers are a reimbursement of cost after food has been purchased and the bill has been paid and is not processed by the business itself. 

Midweek Melbourne Money and Statewide Dining vouchers may be used for dining purchases at:

  • Cafes and restaurants 
  • Bars and pubs (food must be purchased)
  • Registered clubs excluding private clubs not open to the public (food must be purchased)
  • Breweries and distilleries (food must be purchased)
  • Fast food and take away outlets, juice bars and kiosks 
  • Restaurants and cafes open to the public within accommodation such as hotels (excludes student accommodation, boarding and rooming houses) 
  • Coffee / cake and delicatessen venues
  • Hospitality venues within sporting, arts and theatre precincts (food and beverage purchase only, does not include ticket pricing)
  • Food courts
  • Cinemas (food and beverage purchase only, does not include ticket pricing)

 Both vouchers have the same criteria for the types of businesses the vouchers can be used for, it is the location of the business that will determine if it falls into Midweek Melbourne Money or the Statewide Dining Voucher. 

Eligible Midweek Melbourne Money (Melbourne dining vouchers) areas:

  • Carlton, 3053
  • Carlton North, 3054
  • Docklands, 3008
  • East Melbourne, 3002
  • Flemington, 3031
  • Flemington, 3032
  • Kensington, 3031
  • Melbourne, 3000
  • Melbourne, 3004
  • North Melbourne, 3051
  • Parkville, 3010
  • Parkville, 3050
  • Parkville, 3052
  • Port Melbourne, 3207
  • South Wharf, 3006
  • South Yarra, 3141
  • Southbank, 3006
  • West Melbourne, 3003

Eligible State-Wide Dining Vouchers areas: All Victorian areas not included in the above list

For more information on Melbourne Midweek Money locations and eligible business, you can visit City of Melbourne.

How to claim and use your dining vouchers

Melbourne dining vouchers can be used now with the Midweek Melbourne Money scheme, more information on claiming the Statewide Dining Voucher will be released soon as is expected to open on the 29 March 2022. 

Midweek Melbourne Money (Melbourne Dining Voucher) rules:

  • Dining must occur between Monday to Thursday

  • Spend a minimum of $40 (up to $500) in a single transaction to apply for the 25% rebate
  • Alcohol is only included in total cost if dine-in food is also purchased on the same receipt
  • Takeaway food is only included if you pick it up from the venue, it can be ordered either in person, online or over the phone (unfortunately food delivery from providers such as Uber Eats, DoorDash and Deliveroo are not eligible!)
  • You can claim multiple times up to the maximum per-person reimbursement of $125, once reached no further claims will be accepted
  • You must pay for your meal in full first and obtain an itemised receipt
  • You cannot combine receipt as only 1 receipt can be uploaded per claim

Claiming Midweek Melbourne Money (Melbourne Dining Voucher):

  • Submit your claim via the Melbourne Money Website
  • Enter all details and uploading a clear photo of the receipt (you can also check on the progress of your claim through the website)
  • Once approved, your 25% rebate will be deposited into you nominated Australian bank account within 5 working days
  • You can continue to make claims until you reach the $125 maximum rebate
  • Claims will be processed in a first come first served basis and the scheme will end once the allocated funding has been exhausted

More information on the State-Wide Dining Voucher will soon be available. Check back on this page once the claiming process has been released. 

To learn more and stay in the loop with updates on the State-Wide Dining Voucher visit Victorian Government.

Aireys Pub, Great Ocean Road.

3. Entertainment Vouchers

As an addition to the scheme $30 million pf funding has been allocated to Entertainment Vouchers. These vouchers will allow you to be reimbursed part of eligible entertainment costs. The program is expected to open on 29 March 2022.

Where and how to use your Entertainment Vouchers

You will be able to use the Entertainment Voucher towards a variety of tickets, for example:

  • Cinema
  • Theatrical productions
  • Live music
  • Exhibitions
  • Conferences
  • Other events

To learn more and stay in the loop with updates on the State-Wide Dining Voucher visit Victorian Government.

Theatre Royal, Castlemaine.