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Holiday Park

BIG4 Bellarine Holiday Park

Bellarine, VIC

Park overview

BIG4 Bellarine Holiday Park is the place where little people's eyes sparkle. Divine units, enormous campsites, glamping beauties and so many highlights to keep the kids entertained. It truly revolutionises the way you holiday with children!

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Hey, thanks for visiting us here. Just so you know where we’re at with the COVID situation, we want to talk Health and Safety because, you know, it’s the little and the big things that make the difference:

  • If any of our guests feel unwell or have a bit of a cold or flu, you need to stay at home. You can come back another time though!
  • Our guests can’t have visitors at the moment or gather in groups of more than 10. Let’s save that for when it will be more fun.
  • You need to fill out a little form when you get here – just to formalise a few details around recent travel and health activities.
  • We’ve gone cashless but you can swipe, insert or tap as you go. Or you can just pop things on your account – easy!
  • We reckon it’s a good idea to download the COVID Safe App. Every download helps make everyone safer.
  • You need to let us know also if you don’t feel well while you’re with us or shortly after leaving. Tracing cases is the key to this.

For more details on our Health and Safety you can just click here

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Meet your hosts

Sophie & Tim Bone and Team

My husband and I purpose built this park in 2009. When I first wrote the submission, I was pregnant with my first child and 28 years old. It took five years of wrangling with bureaucracy, lawyers, VCAT, councillors and a handful of objectors before we could put our dreams in to place.

I wanted this park to be a place of discovery where children, parents, grandparents and friends could actively engage in the very simple joy of 'being'. To laugh until their tummies hurt, to have freedom and space to play, jump, swing, fly, pedal, daydream, hop, skip and all the while be safe and happy in the inner folds of family.

So at the beginning of 2009, we had a 30 acre bare paddock with sheep on it and we needed to create what is almost a small town! By then we had three young children - 5, 3 and 1 years old, and was pregnant with our fourth! The business started operating on September of the same year. We moved our three little boys and ourselves onsite for the last 3 months of the project. It was common knowledge amongst the hundreds of tradesmen that if they found a little 'Bone Boy' they were to gently scoop him up onto their machinery and safely deposit him back to Mum & Dad. Amongst a true cavalcade of machinery, my three little boys flourished and became a part of this mammoth project and story.

The one day it was time to open. We shut our eyes, crossed our fingers and toes and then took a little peek to see if anyone would come and stay - and that they did! Our fourth arrived in December 2009. The mission - Park and family were complete!

It's true that we started as a paddock and turned it into a Park, which may not have worked. It was a risk but this Park of ours has been a true labour of love and we are so proud of where it is at and where it continues to go.
Our heart's burst that friends and families have joined our us in making memories here of their very own!
This family of ours is thankful.

Our warmest regards,
Sophie & Tim Bone
(and our boys Jack, Lachie, Ted & Max Bone!)

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Awards and accreditations


BIG4 National People's Choice Award 2017


BIG4 Supreme Award for Excellence 2012


Holidays with Kids - Top Holiday Park in Victoria 2011


Victorian Tourism Awards 2016

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