21 incredible Australian caves

Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains area of NSW are among the most famous in Australia. Credit: Destination NSW.

Sometimes it pays to do a bit of digging...

Australia has a wealth of fascinating cave systems, many of which are easily accessible to the public and often complete with guided tours.

It’s time to head underground to discover these incredible Australian cave systems.

Margaret River in WA has an extensive caves system that demands attention.

Caves in New South Wales

1. Borenore Karst Conservation Reserve, near Orange

An area that escapes much attention, this reserve is home to a string of ancient limestone caves. Arch Cave is the standout and is bursting with stalactites, stalagmites, columns, and more. The reserve is 100km east of Forbes.
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2. Abercrombie Karst Conservation Reserve, near Bathurst

A sequence of outstanding features, including the southern hemisphere’s largest natural arch, makes this reserve a must-visit. While here, learn about the area’s captivating link with bushrangers. The reserve is 75km from Bathurst.

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3. Careys Cave, Wee Jasper

This gem, located in the Yass sub-region, has appeal both above ground and underground. Head below to view gobsmacking crystal formations or stay above the surface to witness extraordinary examples of ‘fluting’ (a weathering effect).

Careys Cave is filled with jaw-dropping formations. Credit: Don Fuchs/Destination NSW.

4. Jenolan Caves, near Oberon

One of Australia’s most famous cave systems, this Blue Mountains wonder is also one of the most striking. Eleven limestone caves boast a plethora of enthralling features, including various man-made additions such as a bar and restaurant.

Limestone wonders abound in Jenolan Caves. Credit: Destination NSW.

5. Wombeyan Karst Conservation Reserve, near Mittagong

A series of spectacular show caves can be explored within Wombeyan Karst Conservation Reserve: these limestone creations are estimated to be between 400 and 430 million years old. The reserve is 65km west of Mittagong.

6. Wellington Caves, Wellington

Cathedral and Gaden caves are the headliners here and are both impressive creations. View stunning calcite crystal formations and take the opportunity to tour a phosphate mine while you’re at it.

There's plenty to admire at Wellington Caves. Credit: Destination NSW.

7. Yarrangobilly Caves, Kosciuszko National Park

Uncover five ancient limestone caves that are dominated by dazzling decorations, located in a park that teems with exquisite landscapes. South Glory Cave is the spotlight stealer.

Yarrangobilly Caves are simply stunning. Credit: Destination NSW.

Caves in Northern Territory

8. Cutta Cutta Caves Nature Park, near Katherine

Delve into glorious limestone caves and unmask abundant stalagmites and stalactites while keeping watch for bats and harmless brown tree snakes that call this area home. This is the Northern Territory’s only publicly accessible tropical limestone cave.

Caves in Queensland

9. Capricorn Caves, near Rockhampton

The Capricorn Caves defy the norm – these limestone treasures are located above ground. An interesting selection of flora and fauna, various tour options and events, and wheelchair accessible caves make this a visitor attraction with broad appeal.

10. Chillagoe-Mungana Caves National Park, Chillagoe

All sorts of mind-boggling features ensure these limestone caves make for a gripping sight. View stalactites and stalagmites, columns and calcite crystals, and much more. The caves are not the only gems to see at this prized national park – check out captivating creations such as Balancing Rock as well as Aboriginal rock art.

Chillagoe-Mungana Caves National Park makes for enthralling exploration.

Caves in South Australia

11. Engelbrecht Cave, Mount Gambier

First explored in the 1880s, this attraction features a series of limestone caves that is located below the city. Learn about this detailed cave system and why the site has immense appeal for divers.
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12. Tantanoola Caves, Tantanoola

Completing the trifecta of caves found within South Australia’s Limestone Coast region, this beauty features incredible speleothems (cave deposits) that show off wonderful pink and brown hues. Tantanoola Caves Conservation Park is 30km west of Mount Gambier.
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13. Naracoorte Caves, Naracoorte

Naracoorte Caves National Park offers a jaw-dropping experience – gaze in awe at majestic stalactites and stalagmites and uncover ancient fossils that are so significant the site has earned World Heritage status.

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Naracoorte Caves are World Heritage listed.

Caves in Tasmania

14. Gunns Plains Cave, Gunns Plains

Calcite shawls and glow-worms are among the eye-catching features to be found within this popular cave. Interpretive guided tours of this attraction make for an entertaining experience. Gunns Plains Cave is 30km south of Ulverstone.

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15. Hastings Caves State Reserve, Hastings

Newdegate Cave is the star attraction in these parts and this dolomite beauty is the largest of its kind in the country. While here, take advantage of the reserve’s thermal springs pool, which is especially appealing in the cooler months. The caves are 100km southwest of Hobart.

Hastings Caves State Reserve is packed with incredible creations.

16. Mole Creek Karst National Park, Mole Creek

More than 300 caves and sinkholes dominate this area, highlighted by King Solomons and Marakoopa caves. Both are packed with outstanding features, and Marakoopa’s dazzling glow-worm display is not to be missed. Mole Creek is 75km from Launceston.

Mole Creek caves will dazzle. Credit: Chi Kueng Renault Wong.

Caves in Victoria

17. Buchan Caves Reserve, Buchan
A succession of limestone caves is found in this Gippsland location, headed by Fairy and Royal caves. Royal Cave possesses extravagant calcite-rimmed pools that make for a magnificent sight. The reserve is 55km north of Lakes Entrance.

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18. Byaduk Caves, near Hamilton
Regarded as the state’s most extensive lava caves, these treasures are loaded with remarkable features. As far as caves go, this collection is relatively young – estimated to be formed ‘just’ 8000 years ago. The caves are 70km from Port Fairy or 90km from Warrnambool.

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19. Princess Margaret Rose Cave, Mumbannar
Stare in wonder at an assortment of stalactites, stalagmites, and helictites that makes this one of the most impressive caves in Australia. It’s found in Lower Glenelg National Park, near the Victoria-South Australia border and roughly 30km from Mt Gambier.

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Buchan Caves Reserve will appeal to photographers.

Caves in Western Australia

20. Margaret River region
More than 150 caves are spread across an area known as the Leeuwin Naturaliste Ridge and a handful of them make for captivating tours. Lake, Jewel, Mammoth and Ngilgi caves – as well as Moondyne Cave (limited hours) – all showcase sparkling individual elements.

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21. Yanchep National Park, Yanchep
More than 400 caves are located within these confines, headed by Crystal Cave. This limestone creation is dominated by striking stalagmites. Yanchep is spotted 55km north of Perth.

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Lake Cave in Margaret River is among the standouts in the area.

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