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10 things you must do in South West WA

Simply stunning.

The natural treasure that is crammed into the southwestern pocket of WA is inexplicable.

And this sublime beauty is backed by famous wine regions, iconic structures, exhilarating experiences, and so much more.

Couple that with some of WA’s most-loved cities and towns, including the state capital, Perth, and the stage is set for an unforgettable escape.

Here is just a handful of the many, many highlights…

More on this spectacular attraction at no.7. Credit: Tourism Western Australia.

1. Walk above towering trees near Denmark

A sea of majestic green greets visitors to Walpole-Nornalup National Park, and a wander along the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk is the best way to admire it.

This 600m-long path is suspended 40m high, providing exceptional viewing opportunities of cloud-piercing tingle trees that form part of the wider Walpole Wilderness. While the treetop walk is one of the best things to do in South West WA, it’s just one of many attractions and activities in this dazzling national park.

Nearby park: BIG4 Denmark Ocean Beach Holiday Park.

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The outlook along the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk is spectacular. Credit: Tourism Western Australia.

2. Stroll along iconic Busselton Jetty

This structure earns attention aplenty for its ranking as the southern hemisphere’s longest timber piled jetty, extending a hefty 1.84km in length.

But that’s only a fraction of its appeal. At the jetty’s far end is the Underwater Observatory, which reveals myriad marine species 8m below the ocean’s surface. It’s joined by an interpretive centre and museum and train rides.

Nearby park: BIG4 Breeze Holiday Parks - BusseltonRAC Busselton Holiday Park or Mandalay Holiday Resort.

Iconic Busselton Jetty offers much more than meets the eye.

3. Marvel at spectacular Sugarloaf Rock

Ranking as one of the best South West WA attractions to photograph is this funky feature. The craggy granite rock is an imposing creation with an ever-changing colour range. Its coastal location just off Cape Naturaliste adds to its allure, and a dedicated viewing platform allows for easy and up-close glimpses.

Sugarloaf Rock is admired within Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park, which teems with gorgeous, contrasting landscapes and attractions that include beautiful beaches like Bunker Bay and towering karri trees in Boranup Forest. Historical Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse is another highlight. It's planted at the most south-westerly point of mainland Australia and marks the spot where the Southern and Indian oceans meet.

Nearby parks: BIG4 Bunbury Riverside, BIG4 Breeze - BusseltonRAC BusseltonMandalay Holiday ResortBIG4 Taunton Farm Margaret RiverTasman - Yallingup Beach or Tasman - Yallingup Caves.

Spectacular Sugarloaf Rock. Credit: Tourism Western Australia.

4. Soak up sensational views at Kings Park, Perth

Spacious Kings Park and Botanic Garden is a gem, complete with all-ages appeal. Floral wonders abound and are joined by excellent attractions like the Federation Walkway with its arched bridge that overlooks a carpet-like landscape of eucalypts. A dedicated kids’ precinct is also popular.

But it’s the magnificent CBD and Swan River views that are a magnet for many. Either way, a visit here is one of the best free things to do in Perth.

Nearby park: BIG4 Perth Midland Tourist Park or Perth Central Caravan Park.

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Views fit for a king. Credit: Tourism Western Australia.

5. Explore treasure-stuffed Torndirrup National Park, near Albany

Dramatic, attention-grabbing scenery bursts from this must-visit national park, which highlights the power, beauty, and might of Mother Nature. This is best appreciated at attractions such as Natural Bridge, which has been created with the help of the Southern Ocean and formed a feature called The Gap where waves crash with immense fury.

The Blowholes is another must-see, and when it’s in full voice the noise is remarkable. Dedicated viewing areas allow for excellent viewing ops. And don't miss the nearby Historic Whaling Station at Discovery Bay to retrace a fascinating piece of Albany's past.

Nearby parks: BIG4 Emu Beach Holiday Park or BIG4 Middleton Beach Holiday Park.

Torndirrup delivers mind-blowing scenery. 

6. Let the tastebuds run wild at winning wine regions

Indulgence is easy in South West WA, led by first-class wine regions. Margaret River and Perth’s Swan Valley are the biggest names, but they’re joined by the Geographe area around Busselton and Bunbury and the Great Southern wine region that incorporates the likes of Denmark and Albany.

Alongside the ample cellar doors is a host of microbreweries, various farmers’ markets, and a rich assortment of local produce. It all sets the tone for a romantic getaway in South West WA.

Nearby Park: BIG4 Bunbury Riverside Holiday Park.

First-rate wineries pour out of the region. Location: Vasse Felix, Margaret River. Credit: Tourism Western Australia.

7. Explore William Bay National Park, near Denmark

Need another national park to explore in South West WA? Well, wondrous William Bay won’t disappoint. Within its boundaries are glittering white sand beaches and their glorious turquoise waters, headlined by famous Green Pools.

These sublime beaches are supported by more of those epic rock features synonymous with the region. The biggest spotlight-stealer is striking Elephant Rocks, and you’ll quickly learn why they are so named.

Nearby park: BIG4 Denmark Ocean Beach Holiday Park.

Elephant Rocks are magnetising. Credit: Tourism Western Australia.

8. Reflect at the National Anzac Centre, Albany

Remove yourself from the sparkling scenery scattered throughout South West WA and spend time at this moving attraction. Albany was the final departure point for the first Anzac troops headed to the battlefields of World War I, so it has a strong connection to the theme at hand.

The centre commemorates the Anzac spirit via compelling and emotive stories from the viewpoint of war-related individuals, which allows visitors to better relate to and appreciate the subject. Not to be missed when in Albany.

Nearby parks: BIG4 Emu Beach Holiday Park or BIG4 Middleton Beach Holiday Park.

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The National Anzac Centre is a must-visit attraction. Credit: Tourism Western Australia.

9. Be dazzled by the caves of Leeuwin Naturaliste Ridge

Alongside the other wonders within Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park are spectacular limestone caves, which warrant a mention of their own. There are more than 100 of these intriguing creations, with several accessible to the public. They include Jewel, Lake, Mammoth, and Ngilgi Cave: each has its own engrossing features.

Various Margaret River caves tours exist, from self-guided options to those involving abseiling.

Nearby parks: BIG4 Bunbury Riverside, BIG4 Taunton Farm Margaret RiverBIG4 Breeze - BusseltonRAC Busselton, Mandalay Holiday ResortTasman - Yallingup Beach or Tasman - Yallingup Caves.

Jewel Cave is among the stunning underground chambers in these parts. Credit: Tourism Western Australia.

10. Take advantage of first-class beaches

Considering the wealth of coastline captured within the region, it’s no surprise that breathtaking beaches abound in South West WA. Several standouts exist within the national parks outlined above while other highlights among many include Middleton Beach in Albany, Ocean Beach in Denmark, Meelup Beach and Eagle Bay near Busselton, and Yallingup Beach and Surfer's Point in the Margaret River area.

Swimming, surfing, and fishing are among the various aquatic-based leisure options. Or for a serious walk among jaw-dropping coastal scenery, tackle the 120km-long Cape to Cape Track. This path links the lighthouses of Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin.

Ocean Beach is one of many regional highlights. Credit: Tourism Western Australia.

Or if venturing north...

Sandboarding, Lancelin

Located 125km north of Perth is the small coastal township of Lancelin, renowned for its towering and expansive sand dunes. These dunes give Lancelin a standing as one of Australia’s premier sandboarding destinations, and there's plenty of scope for thrilling adventures. Sandboards can be rented on site. And those who prefer on-water activity should note that Lancelin is a windsurfing hotspot, too.

Stay at: Tasman Holiday Parks - Ledge Point.

Enjoy thrilling sandboarding adventures in Lancelin. 

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