Loyalty Club: Frequently Asked Questions


I want to be part of the BIG4 Loyalty Club. How do I join?

That’s great! We’d love you to be a part of the BIG4 Loyalty Club. There are a few different ways to join:

  • Online at big4.com.au/loyalty-club/join
  • Over the phone: 1300 738 044
  • At any one of our 180 Parks across Australia
  • Or you can download and fill in the application form, and mail or fax it to the team at the BIG4 Central Office.

To join, it will cost just $50, which will allow you to enjoy the benefits of being a part of our BIG4 Loyalty Club for a whole two years.

I am already part of the BIG4 Membership Club – how do I change to the new Loyalty Club?

If you are already a BIG4 Member, then your Membership has automatically been upgraded to Blue BIG4 Loyalty Membership; meaning you can start to earn status credits straight away.

From July 1 2013, you will receive your new BIG4 Loyalty Club card next time you renew your Membership, which is something to look forward to.

I just joined the BIG4 Loyalty club, what does this entitle me to?

First of all, welcome to the club! It's great to have you on board. As a new Member of the BIG4 Loyalty program, you will be starting as a Blue BIG4 Loyalty Club Member, which entitles you to save 10% on BIG4 accommodation (up to a maximum of $40 per stay). You’ll also receive great discounts at major retailers on camping accessories, entertainment, tours, attractions and much more. Once you have earned 100 status credits, you will move up to become a Gold BIG4 Loyalty Club Member, which entitles you to bigger and better benefits.

What is the difference between the Blue and Gold Memberships?

Two BIG4 Loyalty Club Membership levels exist (Blue Membership and Gold Membership). Current and new BIG4 Members are given automatic Blue Membership when they join or renew. Blue Members are entitled to the 10% discount on BIG4 accommodation up to $40 per stay and have the opportunity to gain great discounts at major retailers.

BIG4 Blue Members will be elevated to Gold status once their BIG4 Membership Account has reached a balance of 100 status credits during their two-year Membership period. Gold Members are entitled to 10% discount on BIG4 accommodation; and the best bit? Gold Member discount is UNCAPPED, meaning the potential saving on accommodation is limitless. Other benefits include special offers that are only available to those who have reached Gold status.

Status Credits

How do I earn status credits?

Status credits are awarded for every night that a BIG4 Member stays at a BIG4 Holiday Park. Four (4) status credits are awarded for every night stayed in a BIG4 cabin, while one (1) status credit is awarded for every night stayed on a BIG4 site (powered, unpowered or ensuite). Status credits are awarded to the BIG4 Member’s account upon checkout. A max 44 credits is awarded per stay.

Can I check how many status credits I have?

Be our guest! All BIG4 Members can view the amount of status credits they have accumulated at any stage by logging in to loyalty.big4.com.au/member/myaccount.

I just reached 100 status credits, what does this mean for me?

Congratulations! We hope that you have enjoyed each and every stay on your road to earning 100 status credits. To thank you for your loyalty to the BIG4 family, we would like to promote you to Gold Membership. Get excited, because this means more savings for you! Gold BIG4 Loyalty Members are entitled to receive an uncapped discount of 10% per stay and are eligible to claim exclusive benefits that are only available to those who have reached Gold!

Do my status credits ever expire?

Good question! There are two scenarios under which your status credits can expire.

The first scenario where your status credits could expire is failure to renew your BIG4 Membership within six months of your Membership expiry date. In this scenario, your balance of status credit will be re-set to zero.

Also, status credits expire two years after they have been earned, so each status credit has its own expiry. For example, if you earned 20 status credits on a stay with the checkout date of 10 August 2015, these 20 status credits will expire two years after they are earned, on 10 August 2017.

To keep your status credits safe and sound for as long as possible, make sure you renew your BIG4 Membership within six months of its expiry.

I reside at one or more BIG4 Holiday Parks. Can I join the BIG4 Loyalty Club and earn status credits?

The BIG4 Loyalty Program is for tourist use only, with status credits awarded for every night stayed (max 44 credits per stay). Permanent and annual residents are excluded.

The BIG4 Loyalty Club Card and Temporary Pass

How long will it take for me to receive my BIG4 Loyalty Club Card?

Your shiny new BIG4 Loyalty Club card will arrive in the post within 2-3 weeks of your Membership being processed or renewed. If you purchase or renew your Membership while at a park, they can print a temporary pass that will allow you to claim all of the BIG4 discounts from the time your Membership is purchased. Alternatively, you can print the pass at home.

What is the temporary pass?

The temporary pass is your key to taking advantage of BIG4 discounts in the 2-3 weeks while your shiny new plastic Loyalty Club Card is being created and sent out.

The temporary pass will be sent to your nominated email address upon renewal of your Membership and can also be requested on the online portal at anytime. If you do not have an email address, you can request that any BIG4 Park print a copy of this temporary pass for you during your visit. Otherwise, Central Office will happily print out and mail you a copy.

Make sure you take a copy of this pass with you to ensure you are entitled to the BIG4 Member Benefits at all times. You can also use a digital copy, which can be viewed from the screen of your mobile device at the park.

How will I get my Loyalty Card if I am on the road for the next 6 months?

Your new Membership card will be sent to your home address listed on your Membership profile and will be patiently waiting for you until you return from your adventures. In the meantime, the temporary pass can be used as proof of your BIG4 Membership at any BIG4 Park across Australia or online at BIG4.com.au

Will I still receive the discount if I do not present my BIG4 Loyalty Club Card?

In order to receive your 10% discount at BIG4 Holiday Parks or to take advantage of any of the discounts offered by BIG4 Loyalty Partners, your Membership card or temporary pass must be presented at time of check-in or when purchasing products. If your card has gone walkabout, it is best to order a replacement as soon as possible; that way you will not be at risk of missing out on any of the program's great benefits.

I lost my BIG4 Loyalty Club Card - how can I get a replacement card, and what will happen to my status credits?

Should you lose, misplace or for any reason require a replacement BIG4 Membership Card, we can easily transfer your Membership details as well as your status credits to a new card. A new card can be ordered via the online portal or in any of our parks.

Can I lend my BIG4 Loyalty Club Card to my neighbour so that she can get discounts as well?

The BIG4 Membership is personal to you and is not transferable or assignable. If your best friend’s neighbour’s uncle is interested in taking advantage of the benefits offered to Members of the BIG4 Loyalty Program, they will need to purchase a Membership of their own. In this case, a BIG4 Membership might be a nice, affordable gift idea.

BIG4 Membership Profile details

What is BIG4 going to do with my personal details?

We need to collect your personal information in order to send you your Membership card and renewal forms. Also, access to your personal details allows us to provide you with a valuable program and to ensure we are supplying you with information and offers that are relevant to you.

Why do I have to give my birth date?

If you have forgotten your membership card or membership number we can use personal information, such as your name, address and date of birth, to identify you and ensure only you can use the membership. And it’s ok; we won’t tell anyone your age – your secret is safe with us.

If I supply my email address on my Membership account, will I receive a stack of emails?

We won’t be bombarding your inbox with spam. We only ever send out information that we think you will be interested in, like exclusive accommodation specials, updates on our national loyalty partner discounts, invitations to enter competitions and any updates on your Membership.

My personal details have changed…

You can update your details at any time. If you wish to change your address, phone number, email address or any other details, simply sign into 'My Membership'.

If you have forgotten your sign-in information, contact loyalty@big4.com.au.

Can I list both mine and my partner’s name on the card?

As status credits are like frequent flyer points, only one person travelling can earn them.

Each card/Membership belongs to a single person, however parks may allow couples to book using the same number.

Can I list the company I work for, instead of my name, when I apply to membership?

No, only individual persons can be on the card, and consequently earn status credits.

The system won’t accept my email address and says my email address is already being used.

Contact loyalty@big4.com.au for assistance.

What if I don’t have an email address?

We understand that some people find it challenging to set up an email address, but there are benefits in doing so. With an email address we can send you receipts, your temporary pass, renewal reminders and important updates on your Membership. We would hate for you to miss out on any important information while travelling, so we recommend you set yourself up with an email address.

In the meantime, is there somebody we can send emails to on your behalf? Please note: an email address can only be used by one member at a time.

Renewing my Membership

My Membership has expired, what options do I have?

If your Membership has expired, you have several options depending on the expiry date. We will explain the different scenarios when it comes to renewing and re-joining; for this example we will pretend your Membership expired on 30 June 2014.

If you renew on 15 July 2014, which is within 30 days of your Membership expiring, it will cost you $40. You will keep the same expiry of 30 June 2016 and will retain all of your status credits.

If you only get around to renewing your Membership in September, which is more than 30 days after expiry but still within six months, you have two options.

Your first option is to renew at $40, retain your credits and keep the same expiry of 30 June 2016. Your second option is to re-join at a cost of $50, which will give you a new extended expiry date of the end of September 2016. However, this means you will lose your status credits.

The last scenario finds you renewing your Membership in January, which is more than six months after the expiry of your Membership. In this situation, you will have to re-join the program again at a cost of $50 and start earning credits again. The good news is that we can re-issue your original Membership number and will still have your details on file.

Booking accommodation with my BIG4 Membership

Is my Membership discount still valid on my stay if my Membership expires before my stay?

e.g. it is July and I have just made a booking with BIG4 for the Christmas holidays using my BIG4 Membership. My Membership is due to expire before my trip; will I still receive my Member discount on my stay?

In this situation, your Membership discount would not be valid on your stay as a Membership needs to be current at the time of check-in and for the full period of the stay. But not to worry, if you arrive at a park to realise your Membership has expired since you placed your booking, the friendly reception staff will be happy to renew your Membership on the spot and then process your booking with your Member discount included.

Therefore, the Membership discount you will receive helps pay for the cost of renewal, meaning you have a little extra cash to spend on treating yourself while you’re away.

Can status credits earned on the one stay be split between more than one Membership?

e.g. I am a BIG4 Member and so is my friend. We are sharing a cabin for one week at Easter and are splitting the cost. Can we both earn status credits from this stay?

Membership status credits cannot be split or shared. The status credits earned in a stay will be added upon checkout to the credit balance of the Member whose Membership number was quoted at the time of check-in. To decide who gets the status credits, you might have to play a good old game of rock-paper-scissors.

Further Information

How do I get answers to questions that are not in the Frequently Asked Questions?

If the FAQs listed above have not helped to answer your question, please feel free to contact one of our friendly staff members who will be happy to assist.

If you have a question about your Loyalty Club Card or Temporary Pass or joining, renewing or re-joining the BIG4 Loyalty Program, please contact loyalty@big4.com.au

I am part of a business that is interested in becoming a BIG4 Loyalty Partner – who is best to speak to about this?

If you are interested in providing a special offer, value add or benefit to BIG4 Members, we would love to hear about it. Please send detailed information about your business and the kind of offer that you would be willing to provide for our BIG4 Members to marketing@big4.com.au

How do I share my feedback?

At BIG4, we welcome feedback relating to all aspects of our business.

All feedback received helps us to continually improve and enhance our offering for our most important customers: you, our guests and Members.

If you have had a good experience with BIG4, we would love to hear about it. On the other hand, if you have had an experience at one of our parks that is less than satisfactory, we do have a formal complaint process where we directly follow up any concerns.

Please email us at info@big4.com.au, with details of your experience.

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