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8 great reasons to take a winter break

For some of us in Australia, winter often means chilly weather, driving rain, and bleak skies. Yet, for many of our states and territories it doesn't get that cold and dreary at all. No matter whether the weather is biting or more mild, the winter months are a great time to take a memorable break. 

Believe it or not, but there is a host of great benefits when travelling in winter – you just may need to look beyond the weather forecast. Don’t let the lack of warmth get you down and stop you from exploring this magnificent country of ours. Chuck on something warm or comfortable and join us in celebrating the middle of the year. Read on to discover why you should take a break this winter. 

1. You beat the winter blues 

If you have a mindset that holidays must be filled with warmth and sunshine, ask yourself why. Such thoughts restrict your desire to have something to look forward to and only prolong the winter blues. Instead, why put off a trip when you feel like one. Embrace this period and take a fun-filled break. The planning stage of a holiday, which can be nearly as fun as the actual trip, can help to distract you from the poorer weather.

Enjoy a fine red in front of a fire during the cooler months in the south. Credit: South Australian Tourism Commission

2.     Snow makes winter fun

Without doubt, one of the best things about winter, particularly in the southern states, is the opportunity to hit the slopes. If you like skiing or snowboarding in Australia, there are several first-rate options.

In New South Wales, head to the Snowy Mountains region where the renowned slopes of Thredbo, Perisher Valley, Charlotte Pass, and Smiggin Holes provide endless appeal.

In Victoria’s High Country region, note the popular ski fields of Mount Buller, Falls Creek, and Mount Hotham. There are several BIG4 accommodation options in the area.

And don’t forget Tasmania. Ben Lomond National Park, an hour from Launceston, and Mount Field National Park, 1.5 hours from Hobart, appease snow bunnies living in or travelling to the Apple Isle.

The snow with friends, what could be better? Falls Creek.

3. You save money in winter

There is no doubt your dollar stretches further when holidaying in winter. Start by checking out BIG4 Holiday Deals and take advantage of off-peak accommodation rates. On top of that, shop around to snap up more savings and discounts on various attractions, as off-peak rates are regularly available.

4. Crowds are smaller in winter

Despite there being a variety of reasons why you should travel during winter, the season will still still always prevent many people from holidaying. The benefit of that is ease of access to leading attractions and experiences. Take advantage of a lack of crowds and traffic and enjoy the chance to spend more time doing what you want while on holiday and less time queuing in lines.

Popular tourist hot spots such as Sydney Harbour's Opera Bar are less crowded in winter. Credit: Destination NSW

5. Kids love winter

Admittedly, children aren’t the ones who have to do the washing, however, it's hard to deny how much little ones love playing in wet weather. From splashing in puddles to roasting marshmallows on the fire, children often get a real kick out of winter.

Various studies argue that winter provides children with abundant physical and mental health benefits. These include stimulating their imagination and allowing them to dodge indoor germs and bacteria that lead to colds and flus. Of course, just make sure your kids are dressed appropriately for the cool climate and are keeping active when outside.

The cold weather doesn't seem to deter these children from playing outside at the Margaret River Trail. Credit: Tourism Western Australia

6.     Photos look great in winter

While winter conjures up images of dark, grey skies, it is a season for sensational photos – all you need is to think outside the square. Being somewhere different to your home often seems to bring out that extra bit of creativity. Ominous clouds rolling in over a mountain range make for a stunning picture opportunity you simply cannot match in the warmer months.

Rain puddles make for outstanding photo opportunities, as reflections add more colour to the frame. Or head indoors and capture an image of a raindrop-cloaked window – it’s a shot that rarely disappoints.

We’d love to see your winter photos – add #BIG4HolidayParks to your Instagram pictures and we’ll repost our favourites.

Pull out the camera and show your creative side this winter. Falls Creek Village.

7.     There are plenty of great destinations to head to in winter

If we can’t convince you of the benefits of travelling in winter to locations where the weather is chilly, there’s always an alternative – go where it's nearly always warm. Whether soaking up the sunshine in Tropical North Queensland, enjoying the warmth of Darwin, or exploring the outdoors in Western Australia’s Coral Coast or North West regions, there’s ample opportunity to witness bright blue skies this winter.

Not loving the cold? Why not skydive onto a beach on the Gold Coast! Credit: Tourism and Events QLD

8. Winter travel broadens your horizons

You don’t necessarily need to be on holiday to embrace this suggestion, but if you find yourself taking a break in the cooler months it’s one that’s worth keeping in mind. Use winter as a catalyst to discover a new attraction or experience – perhaps one you’d normally overlook.

Whether embracing culture by visiting a museum or art gallery or going to the theatre or trying a leisure activity that’s normally outside your comfort zone, let poor weather be the motivation to do something out of your ordinary.

Culture fix: The outdoors wine bar at Mona. Credit: Mona and Rémi Chauvin.

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