BIG4 Hahndorf Resort

Terms & Conditions for Travelling with Pets

DOGS WELCOME - Caravan/Camping Sites only

BIG4 Hahndorf Resort recognises that many of our guests enjoy travelling with their best friend. We have opted to allow dogs to stay in our park (Caravan & Camping sites only) under limited and strict conditions. It is of course our intent and goal to provide you with not only a wonderful and enjoyable stay with us, but also a safe and happy one. 

In order to ensure the comfort, enjoyment and safety of all of the guests staying with us, with or without dogs, we have both a legal and moral requirement to establish a set of clear and enforceable rules to ensure that all dog owners take responsibility and will act responsibly in regards to the actions and behaviour of their dogs. 

Bookings can only be made by contacting the park directly (not via a website). Please note that all and any dogs (and animals in general) must be pre-approved prior to making a booking and that booking being accepted by the park. Acceptance of a particular dog is always at the discretion of the park manager and such acceptance can be withdrawn at any time by the park manager at their discretion if they believe that the acceptance of that dog to stay in the park is not in the best interests of the park. Please note that some breeds of dogs will not be accepted.

These rules are the BIG4 minimum standards and requirements. Please also be aware that failure to adhere to the rules you will be asked to leave the park immediately without refund or recourse.