BIG4 Breeze Holiday Parks - Carnarvon Gorge
Carnarvon Gorge, QLD

Boolimba Bluff, Carnarvon National Park

Carnarvon Gorge is an oasis in the semi-arid heart of Central Queensland, where, towering white sandstone cliffs form a spectacular steep-sided gorge with narrow, vibrantly-coloured and lush side-gorges.

From the Carnarvon Gorge visitor area, the Boolimba Bluff track winds 6.4 kilometres return from the gorge to a lookout. Discover what lies above the cliff line and gaze out to distant ranges at Boolimba Bluff, which towers 200 metres above Carnarvon Creek.

This is the only formed lookout track from the gorge. No other track passes through such a diversity of habitats, from forests full of ancient ferns, to rugged rocky outcrops dotted with giant boulders.

Early morning is the best time for this walk. The track involves steps, steep sections and one very steep section with 300 metres of steps and short ladders. The walk will take about three hours to complete.

Boolimba Bluff, Carnarvon National Park

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