Unlucky for some! Your biggest holiday superstitions

Thirteen. Possibly the world's most-hated number.

If you’re superstitious, you’re not alone.

And when it comes to travelling, our credulous behaviour is often heightened.

When we asked for your holiday superstitions via the BIG4 Facebook page, you provided some interesting responses.

Stay away from that ladder, and keep the black cats locked away. Because we’re about to test your luck.

Avoid seeing one of these on holidays at all costs.

Keeping it clean

“I have to practically spit polish the house before I leave home and make sure beds are changed, towels (are) washed, and everything is in its place. My husband says, 'just clean when you get home', but I like to come back to a clean house.”
– Sheree

“Me too! I nearly work myself into the ground preparing for my annual two-week holiday!”
– Ainslie

“I can’t functionally pack to go away until the house is all sorted beforehand.”
– Brooke

"Before we leave home, the house must be spotless so when we come home all we need do is unpack, then wash, dirty clothes.”

What better signals the start of a holiday than the trusty vacuum cleaner? Seriously.

No permit, no entry

“Call me crazy, but I will walk backwards out of a disabled parking bay if I accidentally set foot inside one. This becomes increasingly important when on holidays when I’m in new locations. Why do I do this? I have no idea, or even when it started, I just do it.”
– Rod

Superstitions are clearly many and varied.

Back to the future

“Wake up and check the date so I can confirm it's not yesterday and I've gone off a day too early! Then yippee, our time!”
– Dave

Double-check your departure date unless you're driving one of these.

Arriving on time

“Thanks to my always-on-time dad I am one of those human beings who doesn’t need an alarm clock to get up on time, including early morning getaways for holidays. When I’m driving to a destination I will pick an exact time I want to be there, and I’ll usually nail it.”
– Robert

Who needs one of these? It's all about instinct.

The only thing worse than a thief is a lazy thief

“Mum used to hide TV remotes and the telephone, so if we got broken into they (burglars) couldn’t use the phone to ring STD and they would have to get up to change the channels.”
–  D-Ann

Burglars beware. You're eyeing off the wrong house.

False start

"If we're in the caravan, we always leave home and head straight to the servo and do a final check there.

Four out of five times we find we have forgotten something (even though we have done a thorough check beforehand) and head back home before heading off 'for good'!”
– Nikky

"How's that view, Colin?"..."Denise, don't get mad but I think I forgot my blood pressure tablets."

You’re welcome back

“Cleaning our accommodation before we check out. Including mopping ensuite at caravan site.”
– Leone

Leone even gave this a fresh coat of paint. Isn't she the best?

Triskaidekaphobia suffers unite

“Don’t like flying on the 13th.”
– Helen

"I know it's silly, but I avoid anything to do with the number 13. I don't usually think about it but when I travel I seem to notice the number everywhere!
– Brian

"Attention, passengers. Flight BC13 is running 13 minutes late and will now depart at 13.13."

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