The two-second glance that could cost your life

Distracted driving is a major road safety issue.

With BIG4 guests clocking up countless kilometres each year, road safety is a topic of considerable importance.

And one of the most important road safety issues right now relates to distracted driving.

There are some alarming statistics regarding inattention while driving, so we’ve teamed with the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) to spread the word and help make the roads safer for all motorists.

Giving attention to this article could be a lifesaver. Literally.

BIG4 and TAC want you to have an enjoyable journey and arrive at your destination safely.

The hard facts

Inattention has been found to be a contributing factor in 78% of car crashes and 65% of near-crashes (Source: CARRS-Q 2017).

That’s an alarming stat...

TAC’s Road Safety Monitor (2017) found that among licence holders aged 18-60 years, one-third (33%) of those surveyed claimed to use a mobile phone illegally while driving in the past three months.

Inattention while driving is a major contributor to crashes or near-crashes.

Does using a mobile phone really distract a driver?

Absolutely. This occurs in three distinct ways:

  • Physical distraction caused by handling your phone, such as removing your hand from the steering wheel.
  • Visual distraction caused by the amount of time you have your eyes off the road.
  • Cognitive distraction caused by lapses in attention and judgement. This happens when you have to perform two mental tasks at the same time.

Distraction comes in various forms.

What can I do to avoid distracted driving?

For those who find it hard to avoid temptation, here are some easy ways to keep you and others safe on the road:

  • When possible, install the ‘do not disturb’ function on your phone. Watch here for more.
  • Put your phone out of reach, such as in the glovebox or boot of the car.
  • Turn your phone on silent or turn it off completely when driving. 

In some cases, this is the best place for your mobile phone when driving.

It’s not just about the driver…

As a passenger, you too can have influence. Speak up and encourage others to be safe, as their driving can have a direct impact on you, as well as others.

Remember: A glance at your phone is the same as driving blind. Being alert to that fact is crucial.

Because no text is worth a life.

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