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Must-haves for camping with kids

If your kids love Bluey – who doesn’t?! – and enjoy camping, they won’t be able to contain their excitement when they see what’s in store for them.

Our partners at Moose Toys have just released an adorable homewares range and it’s filled with exciting items ripe for camping adventures.

From night lights to play tents, there are goodies galore. They’re even suited to sleepovers or everyday use at home.

Prepare to be the envy of every family at the campsite…

GoGlow Bluey Night Light and Torch

If you had to name two essential night-time camping items for kids, chances are you’d settle on a torch and a night light. Here you have the two products in one, complete with a familiar face to happily send little ones off to dreamland. And dreamland is our happy place post 7pm, remember!

The torch function activates simply by lifting it up. Then, while stationery, Bluey offers a reassuring glow. Throw in a 10min auto-off function, and you have the perfect portable night-time companion.

It’s also ideal for little ones who may be still going through the ‘scared of the dark’ phase.


The night light and torch combo is genius.

GoGlow Bingo Night Light and Torch

Bluey for the older child and Bingo for the younger one? Sounds about right! There’s no chance of sibling squabbles over an apparent mix-up when the Bingo night light and torch is part of the range, too. Happy families all round!


No sibling squabbles with Bingo part of the range.

Bluey Family ReadyBed

Your child will actually want to go to sleep when they lay their beaming eyes on this portable, all-in-one airbed and sleeping bag.

Adorned with Bluey, Bingo, Chilli, and Bandit, this nifty product goes from bag to bed in mere minutes for a no-fuss camp setup. Simply pop it open, pump it up, and tuck your little one in (we can’t handle the cuteness).

Even better, the bed has a machine-washable cover, handy carry bag, and easy-to-use pump (it’s the little wins). So, it’s a hassle-free family camping addition or an excellent companion for a sleepover.

Alternatively, check out the Bluey and Bingo ReadyBed.


Bluey Play Tents

It’ll likely be the smallest tent at the BIG4 campground, but it sure will be the most colourful and cutest. The play tent features a roll-up door and peek-a-boo hole in the roof – adorable Insta pics, anyone?! – and suits play inside and out. What’s more, it’s easy to put up and simple to store away.

The play tents are cute and colourful. Credit: Amanda Morley from @justamelbournemama

More cuteness! Image credit: Rebecca Little @rebeccalittle_

Bluey Table and Chairs Set

Oh, stop it now – just look at those chairs. There’ll be no cries of “Please sit down” when your kids have this colourful table and chairs set in front of them. It’s the right size for toddlers and the ultimate addition for colouring-in sessions, arts and craft, snack time, and more.

You could even have one of these on the deck of your BIG4 cabin while you kick back and relax (well, sort of relax). And with easy-to-clean surfaces, this must-have item is super durable. Note: Each set includes one table and two chairs.


Versatile: the Bluey Table and Chairs Set. Credit: Amanda Morley from @justamelbournemama

Bluey Inflatable Chairs

Again, there shouldn’t be any problem getting your kids to be seated with this cute, comfy, and cosy creation featuring Australia’s favourite blue heeler. Easy to inflate, the chair is perfect for outdoor or indoor adventures – think movies, reading, or snack time. 

The inflatable chair, pictured left, is cute, comfy, and cosy. Credit: Amanda Morley from @justamelbournemama

Bluey Inflatable Flip Out Sofa

Busy day at the Jumping Pillow, pool, or playground? In that case, you’ll want to get your hands on this sofa when naptime calls for young ones. This two-in-one mini sofa easily converts to a fun lounger when tired kids need a rest (or is it Mum and Dad that actually need a breather?!).

A sofa one minute...

...and a lounger the next. Credit: Amanda Morley from @justamelbournemama.

If these wonderful camping accessories aren’t enough, check out the entire mighty Moose range of homewares here.

You and the kiddies will thank us later. Book your next holiday with BIG4 now!

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