When life is an endless holiday

It takes a lot of sacrifice to create the ultimate life. This family did it!

430 days on the road around Australia!

by Lyndall Allan @TenItchyFeet

It’s hard to express how incredible the last 14 months have been as we travel Australia seeing and experiencing some unforgettable sites as a family! We have travelled 50,000km so far and still feel like there is so much more to see. Australia is amazing, and you really don’t need to go overseas to see the most amazing places.

We have discovered spots we never knew existed, met lifelong friends and now appreciate the simple things in life more. Travelling has brought so much happiness to our close little unit, and this is a time in our lives we will never forget or regret. We are better people for it.

You might think taking on a trip like this is unachievable, but we have met so many people who packed up and left without much at all and have happily worked along the way and made it work. Give it a go, you’ll love it and will never regret the family time you can’t get back.

Lyndall says her young family is closer for the experiences it enjoys together.
Many iconic Australian attractions have been ticked off.

Best of the best

Destinations: Exmouth (WA), Esperance (WA), Fraser Island (Qld).

Paid experiences: Whaleshark Swim (WA), flights and hike to Mitchell Falls (WA), and a chopper ride over Uluru and Kata Tjuta (NT).

Free experiences: Hiking to Jim Jim Falls in Kakadu (NT), all the Great Ocean Road (Vic), walking on the Pink Lakes of Port Gregory (WA).

Moments: Standing on the tip of Australia (QLD), seeing Uluru for the first time (NT), hanging out with kangaroos at Lucky Bay (WA).

Beaches: Esperance twilight, blue haven and Lucky Bay (WA), Turquoise Bay (WA), Back Beach, Sorento (Vic).

National parks: Cape Le Grand (WA), Cape Range (WA), Lawn Hill (Qld), Kakadu (NT).

Best apps: Fuel Map Australia, any podcasts for the long journeys.

Northern Australia is one of their favourites, for obvious reasons.
Have you thought about taking your family on a similar adventure?
Home schooling isn't easy, but most classrooms can't match this setting.
430 days and counting. What's next for the family that's seen it all?


1. Less is more with pretty much everything.

2. Be prepared with food nonstop! Stock up in big towns with non-perishables and booze and always pack lunch and snacks before leaving the van. Saved us a fortune!

3. Research and plan your route around the weather and seasons.

4. Keep moving! Australia is a huge country, and there is so much to see, so try not to stay too long at destinations (we average 4-5 days).

Imagine the beaches they've seen together!
And the friendships they've made along the way!

Most common questions we are asked!

1. How do we afford it? Basically, saved our asses off for two years and went without. We also have extra income from our house that’s rented and have both flown home for work: Rhys twice, me once.

2. Home schooling: Does it suck? Yes, it does. We do distance education and use North East Public School in NSW and recommend them.

3. What camera do we use (not sponsored)? Our main camera is an Olympus Tough 5. We love it, as we can use it underwater and it was only $560. We also use a fish-eye lens.

4. Is our van full off road? No, it’s not, it’s semi off road with a two-inch lift. Personally, I don’t think you need full off road as we have taken our van to the tip of Australia and it was totally fine and not one thing broke. Our van is a Leader Explorer 22.5ft triple bunk van, and we totally love it!

5. The sex question: It’s funny how often we are asked this. The short answer is where there is a will, there is a way. It’s all about making the most of opportunities that present themselves. Sex on the road is generally done quietly, very rarely in the morning and often in fear of getting busted but it totally works, and we don’t feel it has suffered at all. 

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