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15 Underrated WA Experiences

Australia’s largest state is truly massive.

Along with that comes an almighty assortment of amazing attractions.

Some of them don’t get the exposure they deserve. We thought it was time to change that.

So, we’re spotlighting a bunch of wonderful WA experiences to add to your travel itinerary.

Eco-tours in Shark Bay are highly rewarding. More below. Credit: Tourism Western Australia.

Yeagarup Dunes, near Pemberton

Witness mammoth land-locked mobile dunes juxtaposed with enchanting forests synonymous with these surrounds. Sure, it’s with reason the dunes aren’t dominated by tyre marks or footprints: they’re a bit of a mission to reach. But the bewitching sight of the varying landscapes, coupled with access to brilliant beach, rewards effort. Guided tours are available. Yeagarup is located between Margaret River and Denmark.

Sandsational: Yeagarup Dunes. Credit: Frances Andrijich.

Fremantle Prison, Perth

World Heritage status means this attraction is hardly a spotlight-sidestepper. But what does evade much attention is the inclusion of prisoner-built tunnels. Join a tour and descend 20m below the surface to unearth a fascinating underground world. Artefacts and other intriguing elements remain, and the experience includes punt rides. Alternative tour options of the prison are available if claustrophobia is a thing.

Stay at: BIG4 Perth Midland or Perth Central Caravan Park.

Lock in a visit to Fremantle Prison and its maze of tunnels. Credit: Tourism Western Australia.

Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve, near Albany

Welcome to paradise. Two Peoples Bay sprouts spectacular scenery and secluded stretches of sand. The headliner is Little Beach, which serves up a strong dose of eye candy thanks to the combo of white sand, turquoise waters, and a rocky backdrop. The coastal reserve, 35km east of Albany, is also home to endangered wildlife, including the Gilbert’s potoroo. Note: entry fees apply.

Stay at: BIG4 Emu Beach and BIG4 Middleton Beach in Albany.

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Paradise: Little Beach. Credit: Tourism Western Australia.

Goldfields Golf Club, Kalgoorlie

This prized layout made our list of must-play golf courses, noted for its striking distinctiveness. Glorious green fairways punctuate a landscape dominated by rugged red earth and various tree species, creating a contrast that’s immensely intoxicating. The course is accessible for the average punter, but with championship ranking it commands respect.

Stay at: BIG4 Acclaim Prospector in Kalgoorlie.

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Goldfields Golf Club sure is distinctive. Credit: Tourism Western Australia.

The Aquarium, near Yallingup

Wedged between funky Canal Rocks and popular Smiths Beach is this spectacular natural ocean pool. Slightly off-the-beaten track, it’s a fantastic snorkelling spot and suits swims, too. And like much of the scenery that surrounds it, the Aquarium is an absolute star in front of the camera. It can be reached roughly 40km from both Busselton and Margaret River.

Stay at: Tasman - Yallingup BeachTasman - Yallingup Caves, BIG4 Breeze – BusseltonRAC BusseltonMandalay Holiday Resort or BIG4 Taunton Farm Margaret River.

Dive in: The Aquarium. Credit: Tourism Western Australia.

HMAS Sydney II Memorial, Geraldton

Australia’s greatest naval tragedy is a chapter of our nation’s past that is, in itself, often overlooked. The memorial cleverly commemorates this sombre event and those who lost their lives with the inclusion of several thoughtful elements. It makes for a moving visitor experience and is a must-visit when in Geraldton.

Stay at: BIG4 Geraldton.

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The HMAS Sydney II Memorial is thoughtfully presented. Credit: Tourism Western Australia.

Lake Ballard, near Menzies

This Goldfields salt lake is a stunner, boasting an array of ever-changing colours and textures. It’s also home to an amazing outdoor art gallery, Inside Australia – Antony Gormley Sculptures. The renowned British artist has created a huge collection of steel sculptures that are sprinkled across 10 sq km of the lake’s salt plain. Lake Ballard is roughly 200km north of Kalgoorlie.

Those colours: Lake Ballard. Credit: Tourism Western Australia.

Esperance Stonehenge

Can’t make it to the UK? Get yourself to Esperance and marvel at a full-size replica of the famous monument. While it’s not the real deal – and there’s no mystery behind its conception – the rocky re-creation does have a certain aura about it that makes for a memorable visit.

Stay at: RAC Esperance.

Esperance Stonehenge has an aura. Credit: Tourism Western Australia.

Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree, near Pemberton

While an experience not for the faint-hearted, climbing this 65m-tall karri tree delivers a rich sense of achievement. Additionally, fantastic views are enjoyed from these dizzying heights. Clearly, this is a challenge that requires care and common sense. Good luck! Try the climb while driving between Margaret River and Denmark.

For the brave: Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree climb. Credit: Tourism Western Australia.

Black Diamond Lake, near Collie

As an Instagram hotspot, Black Diamond is hardly eyeball eluding. But it doesn’t seem to get quite as much attention as those prominent pink lakes. Sure, pink is pretty, but the brilliant blue waters that fill this former open-cut mine are equally arresting and create a picturesque playground for aquatic activity. Find it roughly 100km northwest of Busselton.

Stay at: BIG4 Bunbury Riverside, BIG4 Breeze – BusseltonRAC Busselton or Mandalay Holiday Resort.

Black Diamond Lake sparkles. Credit: Tourism Western Australia.

Great Southern Wine Region

When you’re competing with such names as Margaret River and the Swan Valley, it’s easy to be shunted to the shadows. But this expansive grape-growing area is equally alluring as its celebrity cousins. The supremely scenic area is dominated by boutique wineries clustered around Albany, Denmark, Mt Barker, Porongurup, and Frankland River. It all helps to create a truly inviting cellar-door experience. Great indeed.

Stay at: BIG4 DenmarkBIG4 Emu Beach or BIG4 Middleton Beach in Albany.

Oranje Tractor Wines in Albany epitomises the region's appeal. Credit: Tourism Western Australia.

Wula Gura Nyinda Eco Adventures, Shark Bay

Shark Bay is incredible, recognised for its outstanding natural assets with World Heritage status. It also has deep cultural significance, and joining an eco-tour is the best way to appreciate it all. Various tours are available, including day options that reveal the area’s Indigenous identity and incorporate activities such as kayaking, SUPing, and 4WDing. Truly inspiring. Tours depart from Denham, 25km southwest of Monkey Mia.

Stay at: RAC Monkey Mia.

Inspiring: Wula Gura Nyinda Eco Adventures. Credit: Tourism Western Australia.

Cactus Garden, Carnarvon

Underrated might be a stretch, thanks once more to Instagram. The garden began simply as a local’s hobby project but has since become a magnet for social-media users posing for happy snaps in front of dozens of towering plants. It is found in the backstreets of Carnarvon along South River Rd and is easily accessible.

Stay at: BIG4 Plantation in Carnarvon.

Insta famous: The Cactus Garden. Credit: Carnarvon Visitor Centre.

Matagarup Bridge, Perth

This funky bridge opened only in 2018, so its associated activities are in their infancy. Yet they are a must for thrill-seekers. The two key experiences are a bridge climb that reveals outstanding vistas and a hair-raising zipline ride that reaches speeds of 75km/h. Wow!

Stay at: BIG4 Perth Midland or Perth Central Caravan Park.

Take a thrilling zipline ride from Matagarup Bridge. Credit: Tourism Western Australia.

Underwater Observatory, Busselton Jetty

Busselton Jetty is no stranger. At 1.84km in length and with a standing as the southern hemisphere’s longest timber piled jetty, the structure is a local landmark. Not so widely known is that at its far end is a magnificent Underwater Observatory. From a vantage point 8m below the ocean’s surface, visitors can spy a wealth of marine species. Tickets include a return train ride along the jetty.

Stay at: BIG4 Breeze – BusseltonRAC Busselton or Mandalay Holiday Resort.

Impressive: The Underwater Observatory. Credit: Tourism Western Australia.

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