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Stay and play – Bermagui, NSW

Overlooking a stunning harbour and edging massive Wallaga Lake, this small coastal town delivers all the ingredients for breaks both relaxing and adventurous.

Bermagui. Yes, please. Credit: Destination NSW.

Where is it?

Bermagui is 445km south of Sydney (5hr 20min drive) or 275km southeast of Canberra (3hr 20min drive) in the South Coast NSW region.

Why go?

For the bounty of aquatic activities at visitors’ fingertips thanks to the combination of a huge harbour, glorious beaches, and neighbouring Wallaga Lake. For its relaxing ambience and sensational scenery. And for its variable attractions, including some quirky natural wonders.   

Wonderful Wallaga Lake simply dials up the area's allure.

The essentials – things to do in Bermagui, NSW

Bermagui Fishermen’s Wharf

This is the place to be on a sunny day. A cluster of bars, eateries, and shops overlook the shimmering waters of the harbour and present the perfect place to relax and indulge, including sampling the freshest seafood.

Horseshoe Bay

This pretty beach is found at Bermagui’s heart and features a long stretch of golden sand, backed by Norfolk pines and grassy reserves. It’s popular for swimming in warmer months and is patrolled in summer. 

This is the life. Pictured: Bermagui Fishermens Co-Op Ltd. Credit: Destination NSW.

Fishing in Bermagui

Bermagui has earned a reputation as a deep-sea game-fishing hotspot with its waters home to a wide variety of species. Join an exciting fishing charter or time your visit with one of the popular anglers events, such as the annual Blue Water Classic.

Camel Rock

So named for its resemblance to the hump-bearing animal, Camel Rock is one of a handful of eye-catching natural wonders found along this section of coastline. The ancient creation is located just offshore from Camel Rock Beach, which is renowned for its surfing, swimming, and snorkelling ops as well as its rock pools.

Camel Rock. Yep, we can see the resemblance.

Horse Head Rock

This is another funky photogenic find with a name earned for a likeness to a particular creature, in this case the noggin of an odd-toed ungulate mammal. It’s best admired from a viewing platform that’s accessible along the 1.5km one-way elevated walking track between Camel Rock and Murunna Point.

Horse Head Rock. We'll pay that one, too.

Montreal Goldfield

Australia’s only seaside goldfield had a short period of operation, but despite this revisiting its glory days generates ample interest and intrigue. Take a guided tour to uncover the site’s prosperous past and hear about the unsolved Bermagui Mystery among other fascinating yarns. 

Montreal Goldfield grips with its many yarns. Credit: Lindy Quinn.

Blue Pool

The delightful natural ocean rock pool is a must for swimming and even snorkelling. A viewing platform delivers commanding coastal views, including the chance to glimpse whales in season.

Spectacular: Blue Pool.

Must-visit attractions near Bermagui, NSW

Central Tilba/Tilba Tilba

These neighbouring National Trust-listed villages are all things charm, providing a wondrous time-warp experience with their cute collections of beautifully preserved old buildings. They’re set among spectacular scenery: rolling hills and lush greenery combine with the backdrop of the imposing extinct volcano, Gulaga/Mt Dromedary.

Distance: 18-20km north of Bermagui.

Pretty as a picture: Central Tilba.

Mimosa Rocks National Park

Spectacular beaches, pristine lagoons, pockets of rainforest, and eye-catching formations are among the headline features of this star-studded national park. Fishing, kayaking, surfing, and snorkelling lead the aquatic leisure, and walking trails reveal glittering views from headlands.

Distance: 30km south of Bermagui.

Mimosa Wines

Sample delicious vino while soaking up enticing bushland views at this family-owned winery. The on-site restaurant has a tempting menu if you arrive hungry.

Distance: 15km south of Bermagui.

Mimosa Rocks National Park bursts with eye candy. Credit: Destination NSW.

Random fact

Wallaga Lake is the largest lake in southern NSW with a catchment area of 263.8 sq km. 

She sure is a beauty.

Bermagui accommodation

Searching for accommodation in Bermagui? We’re highlighting two first-rate holiday parks, set on the shores of nearby Wallaga Lake. This massive aquatic creation suits a raft of water-based leisure; relevant equipment hire is available from both parks.

BIG4 Wallaga Lake Holiday Park

Park type: Holiday.

This prized park has an excellent assortment of cabin accommodation and sites, with lakefront options among it. Leading facilities include mini-golf, a swimming pool, camp kitchen, and a boat ramp and jetty. However, the headliner is Camel Rock Brewery and restaurant, a pioneering feature within an Australian holiday park. Adding to the site’s immense desirability is a location just a short walk to beautiful beach.


That location: BIG4 Wallaga Lake.

Ingenia Holidays Ocean Lake

Park type: Partner.

There’s loads to love about this park, too. Waterfront cabins and sites head the accommodation range, which includes pet-friendly options. It’s joined by a tennis court, jumping cushion, playground, and BBQ area among other in-park entertainment.


Loads to love: Ingenia Holidays Ocean Lake.

Time for a South Coast NSW escape? Plan your break with BIG4 now. Choose a park below.

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