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10 mighty Murray experiences 

At the heart of Victoria’s Murray region is a famous waterway much loved for the raft of aquatic activities it invites.

But there’s another side to this pretty patch of Victoria, and it has little to do with water.

A litany of land-based experiences – from unworldly landscapes to time-warp moments – provide even more reason to visit the area.

We’ve rounded up 10 of the best of them…

We love the Murray for this, but its allure extends well beyond 'aquatic playground' status. Location: Echuca.

1. Cactus Country, near Cobram

Encounter landscapes that could not be any farther removed from water. Various walking trails venture into desert-like surrounds, showcasing captivating cacti and other succulents from across the globe. Prepare to create seriously epic snaps for your Insta collection. Cactus Country is 55km north of Shepparton.

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Embark on a world tour at Cactus Country.

2. Pioneer Settlement, Swan Hill

Experience bustling river life from yesteryear. Vibrant heritage buildings gift a vivid visual reminder of a time gone by and are backed by engaging activities. Highlights include horse-and-cart rides, viewing the incredibly rare Kaiser Stereoscopic Theatre, and paddlesteamer tours for those requiring constant association with the water. And an evening laser show traces Murray history in dramatic fashion.

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The Pioneer Settlement has some intriguing finds.

3. Art deco Mildura

A rich collection of bold buildings bound from this lively city and can be unearthed with ease. Grab a map from the Mildura Visitor Information Centre and embark on a self-guided art deco walk to admire ample examples of this eye-catching architectural style. The T&G Tower is among the standouts.

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Explore Mildura's arty side. Credit: Mildura Regional Development.

4. Miss Amelie, Wodonga

Making great use of what once was the Wodonga railway station, Miss Amelie is your ticket to modern European fine dining in the Murray region. The restaurant is owned by chef David Kapay, a local who worked under the likes of Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay while living in London. Expect an outstanding dining experience.

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All aboard for an amazing dining experience.

5. Aboriginal Street Art Project, Shepparton

Marvel at a handful of compelling and colourful murals that recognise and celebrate Shepparton’s rich Aboriginal history and culture. The works have been created in close consultation with the Aboriginal community and feature prominent local Indigenous men and women. These impressive pieces were undertaken by renowned artist, Adnate.

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Shepparton has an injection of colour that's also culturally significant.

6. Lake Tyrrell

With its expansive reflective surface, Victoria's largest salt lake is a favourite for photographers, even gaining a cult-like international following pre-covid. Sunrise and sunset are prime times for capturing that Insta essential; the latter offering greater appeal considering the area is highly rated for star navigation. Lake Tyrrell is 100km west of Swan Hill.

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Time for reflection at Lake Tyrrell.

7. Shepparton Art Museum

This Shepparton attraction has long held a standing as one of Australia’s most significant art museums. And that regard has only grown since the creation of a brand-new, four-storey structure complete with a rooftop viewing deck. The impressive site opened to the public in November 2021.

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Impressive: Shepparton Art Museum.

8. Fossey's Ginporium and Distillery, Mildura

Set in a century-old former gentlemen’s club, Fossey’s is poles apart from its former life. An inviting courtyard out front gives way to an interior dominated by high ceilings, chesterfield couches, and a cosy vibe. The gin is top notch, too, with an impressive selection that includes seasonals. A core range highlight is the Navel Strength, a play on a traditional gin descriptor doubling as an ode to Mildura’s navel orange industry.

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Ginteresting: It's fun times at Fossey's. Image courtesy: Fossey's.

9. Lake Boga Flying Boat Museum, near Swan Hill

Delve into a fascinating World War II link at this underrated attraction. The museum contains hundreds of interesting artefacts, led by a restored Catalina A24-30 that is central to its story. And it’s all set on the shores of a picturesque lake, just 15km south of Swan Hill.

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This museum tends to fly under the radar.

10. Murray-Sunset National Park

Eye candy explodes from this sprawling park. The headline act is a collection of famed pink lakes that appear even more surreal thanks to the abandoned salt-mine relics and mounds that surround it. Twitchers have further reason to visit, as the park is home to various native bird species alongside resident wildlife. Murray-Sunset is roughly 175km southwest of Mildura.

Pretty in pink: Murray-Sunset National Park.

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