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Reception Hours

8.30am-6.00pm Monday - Saturday. 9am-4pm Sunday and Public Holidays.

Changes and Cancellation

All booking changes / cancellations required to be received in writing. A $30 cancellation fee will be charged for all cancellations. Low season cancellations require 30 days notification – full refund less cancellation fee High season cancellations require 60 days notification – full refund less cancellation fee Please note that if cancellation occurs less than the required notice period, there is NO refund applicable, however monies paid may be held in client account for a maximum of 12 months, to enable guest to rebook. No name changes or transfers are permitted. The tariff may vary depending on if re-booked for high / low season. Bookings made via a third party need to be cancelled via the same e.g.,

Deposits and Payments

Online bookings – Full payment at time of booking Park direct bookings – 1st night payable in low season, 50% of total booking payable for high season. Bookings are not confirmed until deposits are received. Late checkout may be available – check with manager at time of booking (a fee may be payable)


Tariffs quoted are for number of adults / children advised at time of quotation. The tariff will vary if the number of guests changes or if there is a tariff increase. The tariff payable is that applicable at date of arrival Adults 16 years + - Children 2 – 15 years

What you need to know

Terms and Conditions

Please Note: These terms and conditions may be amended from time to time and the amended terms will be posted on our website.
  1. Site fees and all deposits must always be paid in advance.
  2. Check-out time is 10am for all sites and on-site accommodation. Sites & accommodation must be left clean and tidy.
  3. Only persons checked in with correct tariff paid and receipted are permitted to stay overnight. Extra persons and/or visitors staying overnight must be checked in and paid for.
  4. The registered occupant of a site or on-site accommodation is held responsible for the conduct of all members of their group and their visitors.
  5. All visitors are to park their vehicles in visitor’s car park at all times, unless otherwise approved by management.
  6. Please ensure absolute quiet after 10pm.  Your consideration regarding minimal noise at all other times is appreciated.
  7. Parents are responsible for their children’s behavior & safety within the park at all times. Children 10yrs & under, when attending the ablution block must always be accompanied by an adult.  Children are not to play in or around the amenities block, BBQs or any other Park facilities except in designated play areas. The facilities provided for persons staying at the Prospector Holiday Park, are the swimming pool, BBQs, laundries, TV room, camp kitchen & playground. Children should always be supervised in and around the pool and all the other park facilities. Management will not accept any responsibility for the safety of children in the Park. It is the duty & responsibility of each and every parent/guardian.
  8. Obey the pool rules. Visitors are not to use the pool unless otherwise approved.
  9. The BBQs and camp kitchen are provided for communal use. Solid fuel fires are not permitted at any time and children should not be allowed to be near the BBQs.
  10. Vehicle speed limit within the park is 8km per hour (Walking Pace)
  11. Site occupants must maintain their sites in such a condition that it is not a hazard to safety or health. They must be kept clean, tidy and safe at all times.
  12. Cooking oil, fat, tea leaves or other kitchen waste are to be securely contained and placed in bins. Do not dispose in sinks or drains. Sullage water and grey water must be discharged into sullage points on site, Failure to do so breaches the WA Health Act.
  13. No vehicle repairs or washing of vehicles to be carried out within the park.
  14. Please advise Management of any damage you see in the park or in the accommodation.
  15. Do not tie power cords around tree limbs or in knots as it causes short outs.  Always wrap loosely or hang from a stretchy strap.
  16. All our parks are pet friendly, though pet owners must comply with conditions set out in our pet policy (available in full at our company website) with rules including;
    1. No pets are allowed in cabins (service and therapy pets require documentation). Some parks have pet-friendly accommodation. Please enquire when booking.
    2. Pets must be restrained (kept on a lead, in a cage, etc.)
    3. You must always clean up after your dog
    4. Pets are not to be tied up or sleep in cars
    5. Do not allow your pet to cause excessive noise or display antisocial behaviour
    6. You may not use park washers and dryers for pet bedding
    7.  Pets are not allowed in park laundries or ablution blocks
    8. We regret we are unable to permit large dogs or dogs of a breed that may cause other guests to experience anxiety or fear for their safety. For this reason, breeds such as Rottweilers and Pit Bull Terriers are expressly forbidden in the Park.
    9. The Manager reserves the right to ask any guest with a pet to leave immediately if the above rules are not complied with or the pet is causing a nuisance. 
  17. Smoking is not permitted in or around any park facilities (including cabins/rooms and any amenities, playgrounds, recreation rooms).  If you or your party smokes in a cabin/room, you will incur a cleaning fee.
  18. Any unruly behaviour, excessive noise, drunkenness, bad and/or offensive language will not be tolerated and may result in you and your party being evicted from the park without refund.
  19. Please note; One vehicle is permitted per site, unless prior approval has been given by the park manager.
  20. In accordance with applicable legislation, we reserve the right to protect our lawful interests and deter security incidents such as theft, vandalism, unruly behaviour and violence. CCTV cameras may be operated and, if operated, will be visible.
  21. All recreational activities without limitation, are undertaken solely at the risk of the participant. You are responsible for supervising and ensuring the safety of any minors undertaking recreational activities.
  22. Participants undertaking recreational activities must use all safety equipment provided by us for use when undertaking the recreational activity.
  23. Helmets must be worn at all times when using bicycles, skateboards, scooters or any other wheeled toy.
  24. Breach or violations of any of these Park Rules or any updated directives from the Management, or violations of any laws or legislation or lawful regulations or rules will result in an occupant being asked to leave the Park immediately.




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Risk warning and liability
  • To the fullest extent permitted by law, we make no warranty as to the suitability or safety of the park, the park facilities or any recreational activities which may be undertaken at the park.
  • We exclude all liability for any Loss or Injury which may be suffered by you or your party. You release us from any Loss or Injury you suffer and you indemnify us against any Loss or Injury your party suffers.
  • If someone else suffers Loss or Injury because you did not comply with these terms and conditions or because of your actions or the actions of your party, then you indemnify us against any respective claims that person makes against us and any costs we incur in defending or settling such claims.
  • In these terms and conditions, ‘Loss or Injury’ means damage, loss, liability, cost, expense, harm, death or injury.
  • Without limiting any abovementioned clauses, you agree to take full responsibility for, and fully ensure the safety of, all minors in your party, at all times they are in the park.
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