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Monkey Mia, WA

Useless Loop

Walking along the pristine beach at Denham you will be amazed by the extraordinary view of a white salt mountain at Useless Loop some 250 kilometres away. The salt mine produces the purest grade of salt in the world. Whilst not open to the public, those with a four wheel drive (4WD) vehicles can get closer to see this unusual sight.

Whilst in Denham take a close look at the unusual material used to build Saint Andrews Church and Old Pearlers Restaurant. Comprising of tiny shells from nearby Shell Beach, these buildings were built by the town’s original settlers. Stroll along the crisp clean sand or swim in the calm clear waters of the town’s beach. Alternatively try your luck at fishing from the jetty or take a boat out for the larger catch.

Useless Loop

via Useless Loop Road, Denham, Western Australia, 6537

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