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Shell Beach

Formed from billions of tiny shells, aptly named Shell Beach in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area is popular for swimming, beach combing and relaxing in the sunshine. Shell Beach is one of only a handful of places on earth where shells replace beach sand in such a dramatic and picturesque way.

The beach stretches for more than 100 kilometres with shells between seven and ten metres deep.

A walk on Shell Beach is like no other. Incredibly, the beach is made up of shells from just one type of animal, making it truly unique.

In years gone by, the shells were hard packed, cut into blocks and used to construct a number of historic buildings in the nearby town of Denham.

To get there, drive about 45 minutes from Denham - it's accessible to all vehicles. You can fly to Denham from Perth or it takes about a day to drive there from Perth.

Shell Beach

via Shark Bay Road, Denham, Western Australia, 6537

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