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At BIG4 Swan Hill we are lucky enough to have a brand new walking and bike track at our back door straight to the Murray River and the amazing walking and cycling tracks in the areas.

Cycle and walking offers the ability to explore the region from a different perspective. If you are keen to get active while taking in the unique and wonderful landscape this region has to offer, looking to challenge your fitness levels or just wanting to have some quality time while you are away on that family holiday then you must make sure you take the time and navigate the region's earmarked trails and walking paths - you'll be pleasantly surprised!! 


Take in the region's natural beauty on foot or bicycle along the unique 4.5km river trail. Explore all the pioneer history and flora and fauna this vital river port has to offer.

Distance: 4.5 km

Terrain: Shared path - concrete and granite surfaces

Key Features: All abilities playground, Riverside Park, BBQ area, toilets, Milloo Street Wetlands, Art Gallery, Pioneer Settlement, Skate Park, Spoons Restaurant

The River front Track is a 4.5km track stretching from the Miloo Street Wetlands through to the Pental Island Bridge.  Travelling north to south you'll begin at the wetlands.  These ponds filter storm water before it returns to the river.  Riding on you'll see some resident creatures in the trees (no-one know how they go there, but legend is they regularly move in the night).  Continue past the skate park, duck your head as you go under the bridge, then along to the canoe steps.  There are two options for a coffee break along this track.  See the Gem riverboat before entering the Art Gallery Car park.  You can then pass by the Burke and Wills accommodation lodges onto the Little Murray.  The final section is a natural bush track known as the David Ellemor Trail.



Situated just south of Swan Hill, prepare for a day of discovery and adventure along the lake foreshore at Lake Boga. The 4.5km all purpose seal path around Lakeside Drive provides the safe environment for the whole family to enjoy.

Distance: 4.5 km (one way - 9 km round trip)

Terrain: Shared path - concrete / asphalt

Key Features: Lake views, playground, BBQ and shelter areas, toilets, bird life, Turtle Lagoon, Catalina Museum

One of the distinct features of Lake Boga is a 4.5km active pathway, along the lake foreshore, north of the Lake Boga township.  The all purpose seal path provides the perfect and safe environment to explore Lake Boga either by foot or bicycle.  There are a number of BBQ facilities, rest areas and even a family playground, where you can relax and enjoy the lake views.


Rivergum Trail - NYAH-VINIFERA PARK gum-trail-Nyah-vinifera

Travelling along the majestic Murray River, this 13km trail will take you through the Nyah-Vinifera Park. Keep a look out for the famous Pick's Point, the site of Australia's first rice grown crop or signs of small Aboriginal middens.

Distance: 13-15kms

Terrain: Natural - unsealed road

Key Features: River view, forest, bird life, Township of Nyah.



Take in the surrounds of Swan Hill's new housing estate - Tower Hill. Home to Steggall Park Lake, this 2.5km shared path connects to the impressive all abilities playground that will keep the family entertained for hours.

Distance: 2.3 km

Terrain: Shared path

Key Features: All abilities playground, Steggall Park Lake, BBQ are and toilets

A total of 2.3km of shared paths - Barry Steggall Park is the home of an all abilities playground, an indigenous arbetorium, Steggall Park Lake, a BBQ area and toilets.



This 8km round trip takes your over the one of Swan Hill's famous landmarks, the Murray River bridge. You will also pass the historic Murray Downs Homestead on your way to the Murray Downs Golf and Country Club.

Distance: 8 km return trip over the bridge into NSW

Terrain: Shared path - granite

Key Features: Murray River views, Murray Downs Homestead, Murray Downs Golf and Country Club, Swan Hill Lift Bridge,  Federal Hotel

Approximately 8km round trip over the bridge into NSW.  You'll pass the historic Murray Downs Homestead on your way to the Murray Downs Golf & Country Club.



Distance: 70 km 

Terrain: Road

For more serious riders, ride through the Mallee farming district of Ultima and Goschen.  Start by heading out toward the small township of Ultima.  If you need to fill up your bidon call into Ultima and visit the cafe or pub.  Otherwise take the road toward Lake Boga.  Turn left onto the Donald-Swan Hill Road pass the Goschen Tower toward Swan Hill.  Left into the Back Boga Road to take you past the Aerodrome will avoid the highway.


There are many more long rides in the region.  Visit the Ride Guide at Visit the Murray for more information!

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