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Kerang, VIC

Gunbower Island Canoe Trail

The Gunbower Island Canoe Trail is located on Gunbower Creek on the tranquil wetlands of Safe's Lagoon and is around 4.5 kilometres drive on Koondrook Track accessed off the Kerang-Koondrook Road.

The magnificent wetland provides habitat and nesting hollows in the trees for a myriad of birdlife. Along with the amazing scenery where you can see platypus, kangaroos and turtles.

The canoe trail is approximately a 5km return route and an easy two-hour paddle marked by coloured triangular markers. Canoe launching facilities are available.

Numbered signs correspond to points of interest.
1. Ring barking
2. Canoe tree
3. Aquatic life
4. Drowned trees
5. Plant life
6. Tree hollows
7. Irrigation
8. A bird sanctuary

Further information can be found at the website link.

Gunbower Island Canoe Trail

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