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Apollo Bay, VIC

Walk91 - Great Ocean Walk Specialists

Discover the beauty of the Great Ocean Walk and the Great Otway National Park with Walk 91, a passionate local tour company founded by Mark Kininmonth, a former Parks Victoria ranger who helped build the walk.

With nearly 20 years of expertise, Mark invites you to embark on a magnificent journey through one of Australia's most breathtaking landscapes. Walk 91 takes pride in personally meeting, briefing, and assisting walkers, ensuring a relaxed and flexible holiday experience.

As locals, flexibility is Walk 91's strong point!

They can create custom-made trips, including accommodation, food and bag transfers for inn-to-inn, pack-free walks. Or you can choose set itineraries, like jumping on Walk91's Great Ocean Walk Bus. Or even enjoying a supported camping experience (with a trailer moving along the track with you storing all your gear).

Embark on a journey of discovery, where nature meets expertise and adventure meets relaxation. Let Walk 91 support you on an unforgettable experience along the iconic Great Ocean Walk.

Walk91 - Great Ocean Walk Specialists

100 Collingwood St, Apollo Bay, Victoria, 3233

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