BIG4 Aireys Inlet
Aireys Inlet, VIC

Family Bathroom

Our family-friendly bathroom, catering to guests traveling with little ones. Our spacious facilities are equipped with a raised baby bath for splashing fun, a full-sized bathtub for relaxation, and a toddler-sized toilet seat for those learning independence. Enjoy a stress-free bathing experience designed to refresh and revitalize every member of the family.

Welcome to our baby and family bathroom, for our guests traveling with little ones. Designed with your family's comfort and convenience in mind, our spacious and well-equipped facilities ensure that everyone can enjoy a refreshing and stress-free bathing experience after a day of adventures.

Discover a raised baby bath, providing the perfect spot for your little one to splash and play in comfort. For older children, a full-sized bathtub awaits, inviting them to relax and unwind in warm, soothing waters. And for our youngest guests transitioning to independent toileting, a toilet with a toddler-sized seat ensures a safe and comfortable experience for all.

Let us help you enjoy a stress-free bathing experience, ensuring that every member of the family feels refreshed and revitalized.


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