BIG4 Kryal Castle Holiday Park
Ballarat, VIC

Kryal Castle Maze

The Kryal Castle Maze, located inside the Castle walls, is a fascinating attraction, providing an exciting and challenging experience for all who visit.

Do you dare enter the Maze of Kryal Castle — where many have ventured but not all have returned? As you pass through the creaky signs warning you to beware, this maze is a little harder to escape than it first appears. Adults and children alike have searched for the treasure hidden inside the maze, but many, too many, have found themselves at constant dead ends and have never been seen again.

A sentimental favourite of all our guests, the Maze of Kryal Castle has been here since the castle’s first construction and is an icon image of our medieval world. Whilst the maze looks easy enough, there is a feeling of terror that many experience as they step across the entranceway — are you brave enough to try?


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