Daylesford Holiday Park
Daylesford, VIC

Escape to Spa Country

Daylesford Holiday Park is a charming and picturesque vacation destination nestled in the heart of Victoria's spa country in Australia. Surrounded by lush greenery and natural beauty, this holiday park offers a tranquil and relaxing escape for travelers seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Visitors to Daylesford Holiday Park can choose from a variety of accommodation options, including cozy cabins, spacious caravan sites, and well-maintained camping areas. The park is known for its clean and well-equipped facilities, making it an ideal choice for both families and couples.

One of the highlights of this holiday park is its proximity to the renowned Daylesford and Hepburn Springs, famous for their rejuvenating mineral springs and spas. Guests can indulge in therapeutic spa treatments, explore the charming towns, or embark on scenic hikes and nature walks in the nearby Wombat State Forest.

Whether you're looking for a peaceful getaway, a romantic retreat, or an outdoor adventure, Daylesford Holiday Park provides the perfect base for exploring the natural beauty and cultural attractions of the region. It's a destination that combines relaxation with adventure, offering a memorable experience for all who visit.

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