BIG4 Strahan Holiday Retreat

King River Rafting Queenstown

King River Rafting is the Tasmanian one-day wilderness white water rafting specialist. Nowhere else offers a single-day rafting experience in such a pristine west coast wilderness gorge.

From Queenstown raft the King River through the West Coast Wilderness with a spectacular gorge, wild rainforest, huon pine, west coast pioneer relics and a different view of the West Coast Wilderness Railway.
You may like to mix your day in with the train on their King River Gorge, Raft and Steam Experience, or enjoy the tranquillity and reflections in the King River Gorge Explorer.
When not in Queenstown they raft the Derwent River out of Hobart. Their Day on the Derwent takes you through the beautiful warm rural countryside of the Derwent Valley with possible encounters with sea eagles and platypus. With their trained guides and quality equipment you will have a memorable day.
See their website for more details.


0409 664 268


1 Driffield Street, Tasmania, 7467

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