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St Helens, TAS

The OFF Season - Winter in St Helens

St Helens, the crown jewel of Tasmania's east coast, takes on a special allure in the winter months. As the cold sets in, discover the lesser-known delights of this coastal paradise that often escape the tourist's gaze.

Take a deep breath, feel your heart race, and experience the exhilaration of mountain biking in St Helens. Embark on a winter journey along unfamiliar roads, where unexpected discoveries await around every corner. Bundle up with your beanie pulled snugly over your ears and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Bay of Fires through invigorating bushwalks or tranquil kayaking adventures. Embrace the chill as you plunge into a mountain river or cast your line offshore in search of tuna. This winter, awaken your senses and rediscover your wellness amidst the breathtaking landscapes of St Helens.

  • Winter Wonderland Mountain Biking: With crisp air and stunning landscapes, winter is the perfect time to hit the mountain biking trails. Experience the thrill of riding through snow-dusted paths and enjoy the solitude of the winter wilderness.
  • Cosy Up by the Fireplace: After a day of adventure, unwind and warm up by the communal fireplace at the Park and spin some yarns with like minded folk. Let the crackling fire and cozy atmosphere envelop you in comfort.
  • Indulge in Winter Comfort Foods: Treat your taste buds to hearty winter fare at local eateries. From warming soups to hearty stews and freshly baked pies, there's nothing like comfort food to chase away the winter chill.
  • Scenic Winter Drives: Take a leisurely drive along the coast and marvel at the rugged beauty of the Bay of Fires in its winter splendor. With fewer crowds, you'll have the opportunity to soak in the breathtaking vistas in peace.
  • Birdwatching in Winter: Bundle up and head out for a spot of birdwatching along the coastline. Winter brings migratory birds to the area, offering a unique opportunity to observe these feathered visitors in their natural habitat.
  • Shuck some succulent winter oysters at Lease 65 near St Helens. Grab a dozen and a bottle of wine and head to nearby Binalong Bay.  
  • Whisky Tasting by the Fire: Experience the warmth of Tasmanian hospitality with a whisky tasting session at a local distillery. Sip on fine Tasmanian whisky by the fireside and immerse yourself in the rich flavors of the region.
  • Winter Beach Strolls: Embrace the tranquility of winter with a leisurely stroll along St Helens' pristine beaches. Feel the cool sand beneath your feet and listen to the soothing sound of the waves crashing against the shore.
  • Local Winter Markets: Discover hidden treasures at winter markets showcasing local produce, artisan crafts, and gourmet delights. Support local makers and find unique souvenirs to remember your winter getaway.
  • Winter Fishing Adventures: Brave the elements and embark on a winter fishing expedition. With fewer anglers around, you'll have the chance to reel in a prized catch while enjoying the serenity of the winter seas.
  • Photography Expeditions: Capture the ethereal beauty of winter with a photography expedition around St Helens. From frost-covered landscapes to misty mornings, winter offers endless opportunities for stunning shots.
  • Immerse yourself in The Bay of Fires Winter Arts Festival (June Long weekend each year), a celebration of creativity. This annual event brings together artists, artisans, and performers from across the region and beyond to showcase their talents in various mediums, including visual arts, music, theatre, and more.
Experience the magic of winter in St Helens and uncover the hidden wonders of this coastal paradise. From outdoor adventures to cozy indoor retreats, there's something for everyone to enjoy in the winter months.

The OFF Season - Winter in St Helens

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