BIG4 Stanley Holiday Park
Stanley, TAS

Penguin Viewing

Stanley is home to a charming colony of Fairy Penguins, also known as Little Penguins, which happen to be the smallest breed of penguins in the world. Penguins do come ashore almost evening evening right in front of the park on Tatlow's Beach. There is also a designated viewing platform at Godfrey's Beach. This platform provides an ideal vantage point for observing the penguins as they come ashore.

The best time to catch this enchanting spectacle is between September and March, when the penguins are most active. During these months, you can experience the thrill of watching these adorable creatures return from the sea to their nesting grounds. It's a truly magical sight to behold. Please stay well back from the penguins. 

Please note that the penguin numbers may be lower during the winter months, so the peak viewing period is typically during the warmer seasons. The area where the penguins nest, situated between the cemetery and the eastern end of Godfrey's Beach, is fenced off to protect their habitat. Within this fenced area, there is a designated grassy area for visitors to observe and appreciate the penguins as they make their nightly return from the sea.

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