BIG4 Breeze Holiday Parks - Mannum
Mannum, SA

Mannum's Story

What a wild ride it has been on the banks of the mighty Murray River!

We would like to say thank you to our Breeze Holiday Parks team, our loyal guests and annuals and the local community of Mannum for the ongoing support and help over the last four months. 

On December 16th 2023, BIG4 Breeze Holiday Parks - Mannum closed up shop due to the ongoing flood crisis impacting the Murray River. With the park in its (usual) prime position, right on the river banks of the Murray River, we suddenly found ourselves in the strike zone of rising flood waters and due to that,  power and sewage to the park needed to be shut off.

To prepare for the rising water levels, the Mannum Council started the process of building a giant levee on the 30th of November 2022. The levee was placed around the outside of the park, cutting between cabin and site accommodation to provide protection from the flood waters to the holiday park and the township of Mannum. 

The Murray River reached a peak of 3.29 meters, causing some damage around the park. BIG4 Breeze Holiday Parks - Mannum survived, with the sacrifice of ripped-up roads, BBQs and signage underwater, sites flooded and the most epic job of all - the relocation of multiple cabins to other Breeze Holiday Parks in South Australia, to protect them from flooding.

We're thrilled to be reopening on Wednesday 8th of March, with some changes our regular guests and locals will recognise. The park will be reopened and repaired in stages, as the flood waters continue to recede and the levee wall is relocated.

Rest assured, we'll be back in full operation before you know it with some old favourites and some exciting improvements while we're at it!

Thank you for being patient with us during this time, we are excited about the new memories that are going to be made at our park!

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