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Naracoorte Caves

Welcome to South Australia's only World Heritage Site! - These wonderful caves give us a look into landscape from 500,000 years ago. The Naracoorte Caves are recognised as one of the world's most complete fossil site. In 1994, and together with Riversleigh in North Queensland has become a world heritage site. We also give you a 10% discount on the tours, when you stay at our park.

The importance of the fossil record and its relevance to science is showcased on the Victoria Fossil Cave and World Heritage guided tours and in the Wonambi Fossil Centre. There are on 19 World Heritage sites in Australia, this includes Uluru, Kakadu, the Sydney Opera House and the Great Barrier Reef.

Guided Tours - Except for the self-guided Wet Cave, access to the caves is by guided tour only. The tours leave at different times of the day and range in duration from 30-60 minutes.

Wonambi Fossil Centre - The ancient world of megafauna comes to life in the Wonambi Fossil Centre. The self-guided walk through a simulated forest and swampland is suitable for all ages. 

Adventure Caving - Available by prior booking only, adventure caving is designed for visitors with a sense of adventure. Novice caving can accommodate family groups and even people who are not comfortable with tight squeezes! A novice caving experience is a prerequisite for their extended adventure caving activities. Enquire within at the Naracoorte Caves Centre or by contacting them. 

Cave Temperature - the temperature of the caves remains at a constant 17 degrees all year round.

These fabulous World Heritage Caves are near our park. Stay with us when you visit the caves. We have cabins and powered sites, and in summer from 1 December 2016-31 March 2017 a really large swimming pool adjacent to the park. 

Naracoorte Caves

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