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A message about COVID & Vaccinations

2 December 2021 - COVID Vaccination Policy

We believe that being vaccinated is the best path forward for everyone to enjoy the summer ahead while also protecting yourself and the vulnerable people in the community. It is the best thing you can do for those who are currently unable to be vaccinated (including children) or immunocompromised. 

Currently Qld Government guidance provides no stipulation for guests to be vaccinated to stay at the park.  
At this time, we are allowing unvaccinated guests to stay.  

Qld Government is yet to provide the health directive but have signalled there will be restrictions for unvaccinated people accessing hospitality venues and tourism experiences, so while guests may be able to stay in the park, they may not be able to attend and utilise all the communal facilities and activities. 

Facilities & Activities
At this stage, our communal area and when Food & Coffee Vans that visit the park, these areas will be considered hospitality venue and will require vaccine verification to use the precinct and or dine.  

We are waiting clarification on “tourism experiences”, but this may include restrictions on participation in park activities eg. live music, food vans, kids club activities, grown-up activities, pool use etc. 

Question & Answers 

Q: I’m not vaccinated, what should I do? 
A: At this stage, you are still allowed to stay in the park however your experience may be sub-optimal as you may not be able to participate in all the activities we provide. 

Q: I won’t be vaccinated, can I cancel my stay? 
A: Yes, you can, up until 14 days before your stay and we will provide a full refund for monies paid to date. Please let us know as soon as possible so that gives us a chance to allow others to book.  

Q: What happens to my preference site? 
A: If you are on a preference site booking and choose to cancel, you will forfeit the opportunity to preference book for next year.  

Q: What if new government directives are released?  
A: As we all know, the situation is fluid and Qld Government is likely to update these requirements from time to time. While we will remain flexible, refunds on short notice cancellations (due to vaccination status) will not be accommodated.  

Q: What happens at Check-In? 
A: At check-in we will be asking for verification of vaccination so that we can keep track of guests are vaccinated and who have full access to the full facilities and activities. If you are vaccinated, please have the Qld Covid App installed and your vaccination certificates downloaded for verification.

Q: What other limitations will there be? 
A: We are still waiting on government directives and working on the operational plan for the summer, but we do reserve the right to implement procedures and restrictions to mitigate risks and fulfill the requirements set out by government.  

BIG4 Maroochy River strongly advocates that everyone who can possibly be vaccinated, should be vaccinated. Data clearly shows that vaccinations are the path back to relative normality, protects vulnerable members of the community (including kids) while also reducing the risk of adverse and long-term effects of COVID if you contract it. 

We recognise this is a challenging subject and time, so if you have any feedback, please direct it to and it will be passed onto management. 

Being vaccinated will provide the best experience for your stay and participation in our local community.  

The BIG4 Maroochy River Team

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