BIG4 Gold Coast Holiday Park
Helensvale, QLD

Sustainable Playground

Sustainable Playground - Now Open

We have been busy installing an eco-friendly playground which is now open.

Made from recycled materials, such as ocean waste, plastics and textiles, with low carbon aluminium, which is produced by renewable energy such as water, wind and solar. It is designed to motivate children to play, learn how to move, improve balance, and socialize with other kids.

This playground is a great space for children of all ages to develop their motor and sensory skills, build strength, cardio and coordination, learn how to socialise with other children and support each other.

Adventure Zone

Two Towers with Climbing Nets

The net bridge and climber provide challenging access to the structure that strengthens muscles and supports the development of cross coordination. These skills are important for health and well-being as well as for thinking and learning, eg: using both sides of your body to climb stimulates both sides of the brain, essential for learning, particularly for literacy. The net bridge provides thrill and excitement that will enrich the play. Sliding down the slide or the Fireman's Pole supports posture and balance! The play panels under the structure add two additional play spaces, enabling children to add cognitive and enhanced social elements to their play. The desk at ground level provides opportunities for children to come together and socialise in their creative play.

Exploration Zone

Bouldering BLOQX

BLOQX encourages climbing and meeting, particularly for teenagers and older children, inviting scalable climbing challenges and games. Allowing room for socializing and exchange with its ridges and valleys. The climbing, crawling and balancing at your own speed makes it a safe option for children at different climbing levels. The creation of new climbing routes and methods, with friends or individually, makes for hours of thrill and climbing play. The varied grip and panel positions help to develop muscle strength and motor skills. Cross-body coordination, proprioception and spatial awareness, have a positive impact on the development of concentration and social emotional skills.

Swing Zone

Double Bay Swing

The playground swing is an ultimate favourite as it can be done individually or together with friends! This swing set combines that joy and adds the possibility of different body positions and group sizes with two single swing seats and one nest swing seat. Swinging trains the children's ABC: agility, balance, and coordination, as well as their spatial awareness. All seats on this frame allow for standing sitting, lying, and jumping off. All these activities support the development of arm, leg, and core muscles and building bone density – the majority of which are built up during the first years of life.

Balance, Spin & Rock Zone


Inviting children to explore dynamic play options like turning, spinning and balancing whilst seated, lying, or standing. Rough-and tumble play that include pushing and running after the ring, help develop the children's arm and leg muscles as well as cardio. Jumping on and off the rotating ring builds bone density. The Supernova trains the sense of balance, assessment of speed and spatial perimeters. This is crucial in being able to sit still or navigate traffic safely. Children help one another and invent games these stimulate the child's social-emotional skills and cognition, empathy, cooperation skills and logical thinking.

Crazy Hen

Movement response is one of the greatest play sensations there are. Apart from the fun, this adds a feeling of control to the child's play. The responsive movement also trains the understanding of cause and effect in young children: that actions have an effect on the world. Rocking on the Crazy Hen trains the child's sense of balance and space as well as hand and arm muscles when holding tight and pushing your feet hard into the foot support. All of these basic motor skills and muscle training actions help train the child's bodily cognition, supporting important life skills.


The seesaw motivates children to join in with play, rocking together. The sturdy hand and foot supports allow for mild or wild rocking. The spring base makes it possible for different ages, even adults and children, to rock together. Risk seekers can stand on the middle platform, sensing the movement created by the others. The platform also allows for socialising, lying, or sitting. The seats at the end are big enough for older children as well as adults, and the fun thrill of rocking, individually, or in pairs or groups, will make children play for longer. Rocking on the Albatross trains the children's muscles and motor skills, eg: balance and coordination. The Albatross supports the development of social emotional skills including cooperation, consideration, and turn-taking.

Rubber Domes

Children can enjoy bounding across these soft domes, helping to improve their balance and coordination which will help develop their motor skills. Children can get creative and imaginative in their play by themselves or with friends. These domes will also help in developing their sensory skills by their ability to focus and block out distractions.

Double Cableway

The ultimate social daredevil attraction. It will support social play, with children racing each other to the end, competing speed as they go. The reason for this solid holding power lies mainly in the immense thrill of gliding through the air. The feeling of weightlessness and the swooshing through the air trains spatial awareness as well as the child’s understanding of gravity, space, and speed. This is necessary eg: in managing traffic safely. The social skills get trained as children diligently hand back the seat to the next user in line. The running and pulling involved in this train the child’s cardio as well as upper body muscles.

Sustainable Playground

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