BIG4 Barham
Barham, NSW

Border Flywheelers Club Heritage Museum

The Border Flywheeler’s Club was established in 1995 with the aim of collecting, restoring and exhibiting tractors, machinery, engines and other artefacts used by the farming community along the Murray Darling Basin.

The Club consists of a group of like minded volunteers who enjoy these activities and see the need to preserve this history. As they say 'Once it is gone, it is gone forever'.

The club is instrumental in providing members with a friendly environment where they can come together to keep their minds and bodies active while doing what they love.

Younger members are also encouraged to continue this work by the older members passing on their knowledge.

The ladies are also very active collecting and displaying household goods and have excellent kitchen, laundry, hospital and dining room displays.

Border Flywheelers Club Heritage Museum

9 Jamieson Avenue, New South Wales, 2732

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