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Tomakin, NSW

Kayaking Tomaga River

A clean, clear river with options for short paddles or a 22 kilometre return trip from Mossy Point to the end of Mogo Creek. Take the eastern tributary at the junction of Jeremadra and Mogo Creeks for this route. The junction is seven kilometres from Mossy Point.

Parts of the river are shallow above oyster leases and there is a strong tide near the mouth, so stay in the shallows when paddling against the tide.

Launch into shallow water near the boat tamp at Annetts Parade but note that this is directly into the river's tidal current. Novices could use the boat ramp at Kingston Place, Tomakin to avoid strong tides near the river mouth.

Toilets are near the boat ramps at both Mossy Point and Tomakin.

Kayaking Tomaga River

Mossy Point Boat Ramp, New South Wales, 2537

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