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Port Macquarie Region, NSW

Port Macquarie Town Beach Breakwall

A walk along this iconic break wall, provides you with stunning views of the Hastings River towards Town Beach. The colourful graffiti rocks that lead you along the breakwall are a collage of messages, tributes and memories from visitors and locals. Sunrises and sunsets are magical from the breakwall and the sight of dolphins playing in the river are a very regular occurrence.

From the Town Green, the breakwall is a popular starting point of the nine kilometre Coastal Walk out to Tacking Point Lighthouse at Lighthouse Beach. It is a favourite spot for locals and visitors to take a leisurely stroll and spot marine life, marvel at watercraft coming in over the bar of Town Beach, chat with people who are casting their fishing lines and just take in the beauty of this picturesque location.

There are chairs along the path and many big flat rocks to sit on and gaze out over the river and to the sea. There is a cafe at the Town Green end, and at the Town Beach end you'll find a skate park where you will see energetic and entertaining skills of bike, scooter and skateboard riders. Nearby are covered picnic tables, barbecues and a kiosk with toilet facilities.

Port Macquarie Town Beach Breakwall

Town Green Foreshore, New South Wales, 2444

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