Surfing at Emerald Beach Holiday Park

Whats so good about the surf at Emerald Beach? Everything!

Emerald Beach Is Surfing Heaven!

Emerald Beach on the mid-north coast of Australia is one of the top beaches along the Coffs Harbour coastline, and it boasts among one of the best surf spots in the region.

Locals flock to the surf when it’s at its peak and our guests who are looking for a place to catch a wave are not disappointed when they see the scenery that we at Emerald Beach Holiday Park love to call home.

One of surfing’s local heroes is Solitary Islands Surf School Owner, Darren Quigley; We asked him a couple of questions about surfing in Emerald Beach, what your likely to ride/surf in the area and a few tips as to how to have fun whilst you are enjoying Emerald Beach. Darryn Quigley, has lived in Emerald Beach pretty much all of his life.

  1. EBHP: Where should beginners surf in the area?

Darren: Emerald Main Beach is a great spot to learn with the safest area being more towards the corner in front of the township, other great locations nearby are Woolgoolga Beach and Sandy Beach.

  1. EBHP: Where is the best places to surf in the Emerald Beach area (for out of ‘towners’)

Darren: The Main Beach is a very consistent break and can offer a great variety of options for all surfing levels. Emerald Beach is protected from the southerly winds, while in summer when we get more northerly winds you can wonder over the headland to Shellie’s, which offers protection.

  1. EBHP: What is the best type of boards to use or should there be a preference?

Darren: For more experienced surfers just your standard short board would be fine, but a good thicker wider board is great on the smaller days. For learners or more just the holiday surfer a Mini Mal or Mal will ensure you have plenty of fun.

  1. EBHP: Any tips for the beginners out there for staying on your board?

Darren: The best tip for staying on your board is practice and to spend a lot of time in the water. It’s also best to surf waves appropriate for your level.

  1. EBHP: What is the swell normally like in the Emerald Beach area?

Darren: Emerald Beach has waves all year round with prominent south swells in the winter providing a more consistent run of waves at this time. Cyclone swells from the north can happen during the summer months providing excellent waves. It is very rare there isn’t a wave at Emerald Beach making it one of the most consistent spots around.

  1. EBHP: Any tips for having fun at Emerald Beach?

Darren: The best tip for having fun at Emerald Beach is to stay close to nature and enjoy its untouched beauty. Fishing, swimming, surfing or just relaxing at the beach are all recommended things to do.

  1. EBHP: Are they any local legends in the Emerald Beach area?

Darren: We have a few local legends: two times World Long-board Champ, Harley Ingleby calls Emerald Beach home, as does in-form world tour surfer, Shaun Cansdell, and the current Australian and NSW over 45’s Short and Long-board Champion also resides at Emerald Beach.

  1. EBHP: What is your favourite spot to surf?

Darren: I love all the spots around Emerald Beach and let’s just say my absolute favourite local spot will remain a secret!  Ha ha! I also love Indonesia and Western Australia.

  1. EBHP: Any stories that you might like to share with everyone at EBHP?

Darren: I think there are too many to tell, but I can say every time I get in the water around home it makes me smile and feel better off!

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