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Legend Cars

Legend Cars are based on 30's and 40's US Hot Rods. Racing worldwide - USA to South Africa, Legend Cars are now considered Australia's fastest growing motorsport category. No surprise when you consider their affordability, versatility and overall appeal.

Racing on both dirt and asphalt, the Legend Car can be adapted to either surface (approximately two hours), making this category extremely flexible and offering drivers the 'full' racing experience.

Legend Cars are for everyone, the perfect category for both the serious racer, and anyone who just wants the excitement of racing or to have some fun.

Legend Cars are somewhat of a contradiction. Outside, a stylish, retro look ensures these machines are an absolute head turner for both kids and adults. While under those likeable curves lies quality engineering - from chassis to suspension to engine. They look cute. They drive mean.

Open: 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday. Closed Public Holidays


4821 2888


87 Lagoon Street, New South Wales, 2580

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