Think you’re well-travelled? Test your knowledge

It’s time once again to put your knowledge of our great nation to the test in the March edition of the BIG4 Australian Travel Quiz.

This 20-question challenge covers more topics than a speed-dating session as we whizz around Australia in record time.  

As always, it’s a multiple choice quiz, so if you don’t know the answer simply take a stab at it.

To begin, follow the link below. Best of luck, trivia buffs.

Question 2: Name the major river that winds through Perth.

Question 2: Name the major river that winds through Perth.

Code green – (one pointers)

1. Mount Kosciusko is Australia’s…

A) Biggest amusement park.

B) Only volcano.

C) Highest peak.

D) Newest casino.


2. What is the name of Perth’s major river?

A) Perth River.

B) Swan River.

C) Since when did Perth get a river?

D) Western River.


3. Sydney’s bustling Circular Quay area is a well-known departure point for what mode of transport?

A) Helicopters.

B) Ferries.

C) Rockets.

D) Hot-air balloons.


4. The Coonawarra is a famous wine region located in which state?


B) Stop it. That’s a made-up name.

C) SA.



5. In which region would you find the Glasshouse Mountains?

A) Hunter Valley, NSW.

B) Sunshine Coast, QLD.

C) Gold Coast, QLD.

D) They’re not in Australia, mate.


6. Which European country is also the name of a Western Australian town?

A) Sweden.

B) Romania.

C) Egypt.

D) Denmark.


7. Which of these is a popular Gold Coast thoroughfare?

A) Caramel Avenue.

B) Sparkle Street.

C) Cavill Avenue.

D) Hastings Street.


8. The Spirit of Tasmania ferry travels between Melbourne and which Tassie destination.

A) Whichever one comes along first.

B) Launceston.

C) Burnie.

D) Devonport.


9. If you were at the Mindil Beach Sunset Market, where would you be?

A) Darwin, NT.

B) Cairns, QLD.

C) Back in time – the markets closed in 1966.

D) Karratha, WA.


10. What is a pie floater?

A) A funky type of hovercraft.

B) The newest craze doing the rounds on YouTube.

C) An iconic South Australian dish of pea soup and upside down pie.

D) A famous statue that floats along Melbourne’s Yarra River.

Question 15: Which WA town is home to the longest timber-piled jetty in the southern hemisphere?

Question 15: Which WA town is home to the longest timber-piled jetty in the southern hemisphere?

Code orange (two pointers)

11. While it’s had a name change since, the Bathurst 1000 touring car race was originally held where?

A) Mudgee, NSW.

B) Sydney, NSW.

C) Phillip Island, VIC.

D) Nice try – it’s always been in Bathurst.


12. What is Victoria’s second-largest city by population?

A) Geelong.

B) It changes more often than the weather.

C) Jeparit.

D) Ballarat.


13. Melbourne features a famous lane that pays homage to which iconic Australian rock band?


B) Midnight Oil.

C) Nicky Webster and the Gold Medals.

D) Cold Chisel.


14. Where would you find Standley Chasm?

A) He works in our accounts department.

B) Close to Darwin, NT.

C) Near Alice Springs, NT.

D) In Kalgoorlie, WA.


15. In which Western Australian location would you find the southern hemisphere’s longest timber-piled jetty?

A) Busselton.

B) Bunbury.

C) Ceduna.

D) Kalgoorlie.


16. The southeast Queensland town of Kingaroy is known as what?

A) The king capital of Australia.

B) The peanut capital of Australia.

C) The pineapple capital of Australia.

D) The line dancing capital of Australia.


17. What is the name of Tasmania’s highest peak?

A) Ben Lomond

B) James Boag

C) Mount Ossa

D) Cradle Mountain

Code red (three pointers)

18. The Compass Cup in South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula region is a quirky event in which participants race what?

A) Tractors.

B) Sheep.

C) Cows.

D) All of the above.


19. The Eureka Stockade is credited as being instrumental to what?

A) Australians’ right to protest.

B) Democracy in Australia.

C) The establishment of the Australian Stock Exchange.

D) The creation of the word ‘drongo’.


20. Seven Mile Beach, in the New South Wales town of Gerroa, has a claim to fame. What is it?

A) It was once used as an airstrip by aviation legend Sir Charles Kingsford Smith.

B) Its sand is favoured by leading international golf courses to fill bunkers.

C) Its waters give off a purple tinge each Saturday at 6.43pm.

D) It is home to the world’s largest annual sandcastle competition.



So how do you think you went? Time to check your answers using the answer sheet below.

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