RAC Busselton Holiday Park
Busselton, WA

Fishing and Boating

Our park is a unique tourist park situated on eight hectares of natural bushland only 300m from Abbey Beach, Geographe Bay's pristine beaches, 700m from Abbey Beach Jetty, and adjacent to Buayanyup Tidal River where guests can enjoy fishing, crabbing and canoeing. The park's facilities include, great space for boat parking, a fish cleaning area, and boat wash down area.

Busselton and Dunsborough are great fishing areas for salmon around late-March and early-April through to around August. The great part about targeting fish in this area is that there is generally not much swell to contend with and the generally clear waters makes spotting fish relatively easy. Spots like Castle Rock, Eagle Bay, Bunker Bay and the ever reliable Busselton Jetty are great to try. One of the most popular methods for targeting salmon in this area is to find a position on a rocky headland and wait for the salmon to run along the edge. You simply cast your chosen lure in front of them and a few twitches will generally result in a solid hook up. Baits, such as lightly weighted mulies can be a real winner, as can a live or dead herring.

Catching whiting from the beach

There is no better tasting fish than the humble whiting, a sweet white flesh that literally melts in your mouth. The standard whiting known as the sand whiting and the yellowfin whiting both from the Sillaginidae family are very common species along Geogrpahe Bay. Not only are they great eating, but also they are a species that can be caught easily by both experienced and inexperienced anglers.

Tips and Inspiration