BIG4 Perth Midland Tourist Park

Wineries and Wildflowers

Take a weekend wildflower drive from the city to flora-filled pastures, orchards and woodlands.

One of Mother Nature’s biggest and most dazzling wildflower collections carpets Western Australia with the blooms of more than 12,000 species. When her show reaches Perth in August, take this leisurely two-day drive from the city to gaze on some of the region’s rarest and most breathtaking floral gems.

Highlights include spring wildflowers and Swan Valley wineries.

Please note;
- To help protect our pristine environment, can we request that you don’t pick wildflowers – it’s illegal and will attract fines. As beautiful as they are, it’s also important to stay out of canola fields to prevent the spread of disease. Finally, we’d like to remind you to not enter private property to access wildflowers.


Herne Hill, Western Australia, 6056

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