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Best places to visit in spring in Australia


Traditionally, spring is a magical season.

It’s a time when the country collectively sneaks out of the shadows of winter to reveal its colourful side.

Added to the mix are exciting seasonal experiences and inviting weather, or at the least the hope of.

And these dazzling destinations are among the best places to enjoy it all.

Wild west: WA's wildflowers are a seasonal sight to behold. More below. Credit: Tourism Western Australia.

Toowoomba, QLD

As Toowoomba is the state’s proclaimed Garden City, naturally spring shapes as the time for it to be at its bloomin’ best. Its many picturesque parks and gardens explode with colour – Queens Park and Botanic Gardens and Laurel Bank Park are among the highlights – and are supported by dependable conditions for being outdoors. Beautiful.

Key event: Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers (1-30 September 2021).

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Toowoomba is at its most colourful in spring. Credit: Tourism and Events Queensland.

Margaret River, WA

Longer and warmer days invite extended exploration of this charming region and its vast assortment of mesmerising landscapes. In addition, September-early December is primetime for whale watching in these parts as well as witnessing wonderful wildflowers – more on that below. And don’t forget those famous vineyards.

Key event: Margaret River Gourmet Escape (17-21 November 2021).

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Whale watching, wildflowers, and wine are among Margaret River's spring highlights. Credit: Tourism Western Australia.

Grafton, NSW

Its postcard-perfect purple prettiness in Grafton when the city’s famous jacaranda trees come out to play. From early October-mid November, these flowering beauties dominate the city’s streets and sparkle with their purple-blue hues. The eye-catching nature show adds to the year-round attractiveness of this vibrant location.

Key event: Grafton Jacaranda Festival (29 October-7 November 2021).

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Vibrant jacarandas steal the spotlight in Grafton in season. Credit: Destination NSW.

High Country, VIC

With its towering alpine peaks, sprawling valleys, and other natural wonders, this region shines year round. Throw in a carpet of wildflowers in spring, and the visual highlights are immense. Cycling and walking tracks abound, while there’s a rich basket of delicious High Country produce and other goodies to reward you at the end.

Key event: Bright Spring Festival (23 October-2 November 2021).

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High Country, high rewards. Location: Falls Creek.

McLaren Vale, SA

This iconic wine region is another destination that beckons visitors all year, but there’s a certain draw in spring. For starters, the weather is usually extremely pleasant for sipping on world-class wines from the many cellar doors. In addition, the neighbouring township of Willunga remains bathed in shades of soft pink and white as its historical almond trees blossom boldly. What’s not to love?

Key event: Willunga Almond Blossom Festival (13-14 November 2021).

Book now: BIG4 Port Willunga Tourist Park.

Blossoming almond trees in Willunga add to the charm of a spring escape to McLaren Vale.

Table Cape, TAS

This 180m-high plateau is at its most exquisite in spring, displaying a patchwork quilt-like ‘cover’ that reveals more colours than a rainbow. Much of the vibrancy emanates from Table Cape Tulip Farm (open late September-late October), which along with its rich palette range delivers jaw-dropping coastal views from a nearby lighthouse. Table Cape is 55km west of Ulverstone.

Key event: Tulip Festival Wynyard (9 October 2021).

Book now: BIG4 Ulverstone Holiday Park.

Table Cape Tulip Farm is a sea of spectacular shades in spring. Credit: Luke Tscharke.

Alice Springs, NT

It’s in the name. With maximum temperatures usually hovering between 20-25C, more so in October and November, Alice springs to life at this time of year. There are loads of amazing outdoor attractions to explore in and around town. Highlights include the desert park and telegraph station reserve and wider afield the gem-stuffed Tjoritja/West MacDonnell National Park.

Key event: Desert Festival (23 September-3 October 2021).

Alice suits spring exploration, such as its fascinating telegraph station reserve. Credit: Tourism NT/Shaana McNaught.

Eden, NSW

This South Coast NSW town is regarded as one of Australia’s best whale-watching destinations. It stems from myriad opportunities to witness humpbacks breaching, often at close range, typically from mid-September until mid-November. There are several recognised land-based vantage points, or join a whale-watching tour where sighting success rates are near 100% in season.

Key event: Eden Whale Festival (15-17 October 2021).

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The whale encounters in Eden during spring are among some of Australia's best. Credit: Ros Butt.

Various locations, WA

Each year, a staggering 12,000-plus species of wildflowers carpet the WA landscape, making it the world’s largest collection. The spectacle actually begins in winter: The Pilbara, Goldfields, and Coral Coast regions are caked with colour from June. Perth and surrounds are then treated to bright hues around September before the South West region bursts with blooms in October and November.

Key experience: Driving trails and walking tracks make for easy viewing and incredible photos.

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Wild scenes: WA's floral explosion is the largest of its kind. Credit: Tourism Western Australia.

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