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Guildford Heritage Walk Trails

Strolling the streets of Guildford on the Guildford Heritage Walk Trails you get the feeling you're in a charming little village that time forgot. The gateway to the Swan Valley is a place where history lives on in quaint colonial buildings, where the influence of the English gentry is still played out on the polo field and where Devonshire teas and scrumptuous cakes is served with shameless disregard for cholesterol levels. So put on some stout walking shoes and explore the beginning of colonial charm.

Established on what's virtually an island encircled by the Swan and Helena Rivers, Guildford is ideally suited to explore walking. To assist you in discovering the numerous fascinating historic buildings, lively characters and wonderful stores of this "island village" there are four heritage walk trails with accompanying interpretive panels.

The Town Walk is 1,800 metres and takes 40-60 minutes - you'll need to follow the red markers. The River Ramble is 1,500 metres and takes 30-50 minutes (blue markers), The Stirling Square Circuit is 450 metres and takes 20 minutes (black markers) and The Captain Stirling Walk is 2,250 metres and will take 60-75 minutes (gold markers).

Each trail starts and finishes at the Old Guildford Courthouse (now home of the award-winning Swan Valley Visitor Centre). The route markers carry the original Town of Guildford Crest.


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Corner of Meadow and Swan Streets, Guildford, Western Australia, 6055

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