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Top caravan spots in Australia

With BIG4 parks planted in some of Australia’s most desirable locations, naturally alluring caravan sites abound.

Riverfront, beachside, nestled among shaded, tranquil surrounds, and much more.

To get you excited about your next BIG4 break, we’ve created a pictorial featuring just some of the many prime patches to park your van.

Where are you headed first?

Settle in and see the sites. Location: BIG4 Renmark Riverfront Holiday Park, SA.

Beachside caravan spots

Whether overlooking the water or just the shortest of strolls to the sand, these sites possess the strongest allure.

In or near a national park

Nature’s beauty on your doorstep.

Riverside caravan spots

There’s a lot to love about being parked up overlooking the water. Scenic, relaxing, soothing.

Tropical escapes

A home among the palm trees.

Lakeside caravan spots

Life is good at these locations.

Where the grass is greener

And yet so close to amazing attractions.

An alpine getaway

Sparkling no matter the season.

Time to plan a caravanning adventure? Find a BIG4 park for you here.

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