BIG4 Dongara Denison Beach Holiday Park
Dongara, WA

Wildflowers in the Midwest

Dongara-Denison is a perfect place to be based while travelling the mid-west region in search of wildflowers. Western Australia is home to 12,000 incredible species of wildflowers, many of which are unique to our state. From your base at BIG4 Dongara Denison Beach Holiday Park, you can take a variety of drives to recommended fields and viewing sites. Day tours are also available from Dongara Denison during the wildflower viewing season.

The Brand Highway takes travellers north from Perth via the inland mid-west region, which is one of the areas rich in wildflowers during the season which, for this region, generally spans August to October. Keen observers will see a variety of wildflowers along the side of the Brand Highway and there are several places to pull over for short walks.

However, such a short glimpse of the regional flora would not do justice to the blaze of colour that is the annual wildflower season in the mid-west. We recommend you stay a few days at BIG4 Dongara Denison Beach Holiday Park and allow us to help you really enjoy the flowers.

We recommend a range of self-drive trips from the park and are happy to help out with additional information. If you would prefer not to drive, there are also bus tours of the wildflowers which depart from BIG4 Dongara Denison Beach during the season.


Wildflowers in the Midwest

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