BIG4 Wangaratta North Cedars Holiday Park
Wangaratta, VIC


North east Victoria has its very own Silo Art Trail located slightly north west of BIG4 Wangaratta about 160km round trip, an easy drive even with a caravan in tow, with some lovely country pubs to stop at for a counter meal lunch.

  • CFA WATER TANK at Winton Wetlands has three portraits of local CFA volunteers painted (8km dirt road round trip)
  • SILO ART at Goorambat has a Barking Owl, Draft Horses & a rural landscape 
  • WALL ART at the Uniting Church Goorambat, "Sophia" has been painted on the internal front wall
  • SILO ART at Devenish has a Military Service representation of a nurse and an officer
  • SILO ART at St James has a portrait of Sir George Coles once a local to St James and the founder of Coles supermarkets
  • SILO ART at Tungaham has a Kookaburra and some brolgas


Tips and Inspiration