BIG4 Wye River Holiday Park
Wye River, VIC

"Wye General" Cafe, Bakery & Restaurant

Now these guys know their stuff. Spend time with family and friends and enjoy everything on offer.

Silky lattes flow all year round, while the bakery pops out award winning loaves and pastries that can’t be beat. Let the guys serve you up a delicious breakfast to start the day. The racks are full of local stand out wines, season favourites and some delicious imports. 

 “The Wye General” is the go-to place on the Great Ocean Road, and you have this right on your doorstep – plus ocean views to boot!

The Wye General Store is a cross between a convenience store, gourmet deli and quality greengrocer under one roof. They carry a wide range of essential grocery items, quality meats and small goods, their own freshly baked bread & pastry, fresh fruits and vegetables and plenty of little treats for the kids (or better still for the adults once the kids are in bed). In short, it's just what you need to make your stay at the park a no-brainer.

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"Wye General" Cafe, Bakery & Restaurant

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