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Freycinet National Park and Wineglass Bay

Freycinet Peninsula boasts Tasmania's most popular national park and is a bushwalker's paradise.

Points of interest;

  • Wineglass Bay Beach Lookout (approx 1-2 hrs return)  

Moderately steep stepped track climbs up between Mt Amos & Mt Mayson to the saddle lookout. Awesome views over the perfectly sculpted Wineglass Bay to Mt Freycinet & Mt Graham.

  • Wineglass Bay Beach Return (approx 2.5 hrs return)

Follow the same track to Wineglass Bay lookout, then continue on down to Wineglass Bay Beach, returning on the same track. Add another 40 mins if you want to walk to the southern end of Wineglass Bay, and feel the pristine sand through your toes.

  • Sleepy Bay (approx 30 mins return)

Drive into the Freycinet National Park & turn left onto the Cape Tourville Road (just past the Freycinet Lodge), from the Sleepy Bay carpark there is a track that winds down to the cliffs to a little rocky beach with interesting rock formations.

  • Isthmus Track Circuit (approx 4-5 hr)

Take the same walk to Wineglass Bay Beach, then follow the Isthmus track past Hazard Lagoon to Hazards Beach. Walk north along Hazards Beach & take the Hazards track back around the base of Mt Mayson which leads you to the car park. This is a great walk to experience the different bush types that abound in the park. Approx 11km return.

  • Cape Tourville Lighthouse (500 metre circuit)

A wheelchair & pram friendly boardwalk that meanders around the tops of the cliffs below the lighthouse. This is a great short walk for kids as there are visual markers on the board walk showing lengths of various whales. The views of the coastline here are stunning & include a glimpse of the southern end of Wineglass Bay & north to Friendly Beaches. Good vantage point to see some of the Sydney - Hobart yachts sail past on their way to Hobart when this famous race is happening in Summer. Follow the Cape Tourville Road from Sleepy Bay & 4km on to the lighthouse car park.

  • Mt Amos (approx 3 hrs return)

Magnificent panoramic views of Wineglass Bay & the Southern Peninsula. This is a steep & difficult climb should not be attempted in wet weather. Not recommended for the elderly or young children.

  • Friendly Beaches Scenic Lookout (5 mins return)

The signposted parking area is just off Isaacs Point Road. After a short walk to the vantage point you can see uninterrupted views of Friendly Beaches, or walk for miles on this stunning surf beach.

  • Saltwater Lagoon/ Friendly Beaches (40 minutes return)

Follow signs from Isaacs Point Road south to the carpark at the barrier gate. The walk along an old vehicular track traverse’s private property, ending at the edge of the lagoon. The lagoon hosts a plethora of birds, particularly black swans. Return by the same route.

  • Longer/Overnight Walks

Freycinet's more remote & beautiful areas can be visited by taking a long day or overnight walk.

Contact the National Park Office for advice about the availability of water, condition of tracks & any special equipment that may be needed.

  • The Hazards Beach/Cooks Beach/Wineglass Bay Circuit

Is a popular three day walk (or longer if you wish to spend leisurely days on the pristine beaches).

Campsites for overnight walkers are situated at Wineglass Bay, Hazards, Cooks & Bryan's beaches. Please check with the National Park Ranger regarding availability of water before commencing overnight trips.

For those wanting to explore this amazing peninsula you will discover Wineglass Bay is only a small part of the view.

Freycinet National Park and Wineglass Bay

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