17 reasons why dogs make great travel companions

Admit it, dog lovers. At some point you’ve thought your pet makes a better travel buddy than your partner or family.

Why is that? Well, we have rounded up at least 17 reasons why.

It’s time to pay tribute to Rover, Rex, Ruby, Randy, Ralph, Roxy, Rollie and every other four-legged friend out there.

1. Dogs are always excited about a holiday.

2. Yet travel light.

3. Dogs don’t ask ‘are we there yet?’.

4. And don’t complain if it’s raining.

5. They never grumble that the walk is too long.

6. Or that the water is too cold.

7. Although dogs make friends with ease…

8. …They never forget their roots.

9. Dogs are always fun to play with.

10. And patiently wait for you to finish socialising.

11. They’re always happy to pose for photos.

12. And love a good ol’ afternoon nap.

13. Dogs never talk back!

14. Not only are dogs always happy to see you in the morning…

15. …They don’t hog the bathroom.

16. Dogs are always there to share your most memorable holiday experiences.

17. And are sure to be with you at the end of the day.

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