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Things you didn’t know you could barbecue

A classic BBQ is hard to beat: Snags, steaks, sauces, seasonings, and salads.

But did you know there is a ton of delicious food that can be barbecued beyond the standard?

Sweet or savoury, dinner or dessert, the trusty grill is a versatile beast.

Thanks to our friends at Weber, we’re lifting the lid on a bunch of mouthwatering creations that are ripe for time spent on the hotplate.

These adaptable creations can easily be put on the barbie at a BIG4 park. Pictured: BIG4 Taggerty, VIC.


Yep, the Aussie icon is perfectly fit for a good grilling. And we have a fine recipe for this soft and buttery sweet treat that will feed a football team…or half the campsite.


Create an iconic dish on an iconic BBQ.

Pumpkin soup

Who knew? From scratch, you can whip up the heartiest of soups on the BBQ, with a loaf of toasted ciabatta bread thrown in for good measure.


Smashing: Pumpkin soup. 


If beer and BBQ are a solid pairing and the golden liquid and pretzels are a winning partnership, it makes sense to combine all three. Throw in some cheesy dipping sauce and you have the yummiest of snacks.


Prost! Here's to pretzels, BBQs, and beer.


Whether its entrée-like cheesy Vegemite scones or a sweet snack in the form of lemonade buns, these timeless favourites can be whipped up with limited prep and cooking time.

A rose in every cheek. 

White Christmas rocky road slice

All your tastebuds’ Christmases will come at once with this decadent treat. It’s another dessert that’s simple to put together yet ridiculously tasty.


It's a merry old time with this sumptuous slice.


All kinds of pizzas can be placed on the grill – Weber has a wide assortment of recipes to inspire. This includes the super tasty Ned Kelly breakfast pizza with eggs, bacon, baked beans, and cherry tomatoes. Yum!


Such is life: Breakfast of champions, Ned style.

Donut s’mores

OMG, as in Outrageously Mouthwatering Grilling. Barbecuing the donuts creates a delicate, brûléed effect with the glaze and when paired with a chocolate dipping sauce, they are simply irresistible. Once more, effortless prep delivers high rewards.



Corn bread

Synonymous with southern USA, this side dish is one of several breads that can be created on the grill with tasty outcomes. Naan, bacon and cheese damper, and even garlic bread cob loaf are among other doughy delights to place above the flames.


Tasty as, y'all.

Ferrero Rocher brownies

Here is another dessert that will instantly grab the attention of the sweet tooth. With time spent under the hood, the bold brownies deliver next-level deliciousness.


Just stop it. 

Loaded potato skins

Inviting a pile on of whatever fillings suit, these palate-pleasing potatoes require minimal prep before the BBQ does its thing.


Load them up.

Rotisserie pina colada pineapple

Sure, grilling pineapple is not that unusual. But this barbecued beauty steps it up a few notches, forming a sweet, zesty, crunchy dessert with wow-factor status.


Run rings around your BBQ buddies and knock up this sweet treat.

Looking for more great BBQ recipes for breakfast through to dinner? Click here.

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