5 great tips for healthy and simple holiday cooking

Hold the snags! It's time to chuck another shrimp on the barbie.

Creating healthy meals while you're on holidays can seem like a challenge: you're out of regular routine and removed from the comfort of your own kitchen.

But there's no need to stress – BIG4 has put together a handful of useful holiday cooking hints to make your task much simpler. And as our parks have fully equipped kitchen facilities for whatever accommodation option you choose, it's even easier to whip up a healthy meal.

A stir fry loaded with vegetables is an easy but healthy meal to create.

1. Plan your meals in advance

You’ve found a spectacular piece of turf to call your own for your holiday, so the last thing you want to do is waste time aimlessly wandering around supermarket aisles wondering what to cook for dinner. To ensure you create fulfilling, healthy meals for the duration of your trip, design a meal plan before you leave home.

These meals can still be quick and easy but, with a little thought, also healthy. Prepare a tasty stir fry with loads of veggies or grilled chicken wraps with a crisp salad. Alternatively, take advantage of being away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and dedicate time to creating that MasterChef-style dish you’ve been waiting to plate up.

When it comes to breakfast, avoid the temptation of making items like bacon and sausages the headline act and instead focus on healthy alternatives. At the very least, show some love to avocado, spinach, mushrooms, and other vegetables.

At BIG4, whether you’re in a self-contained cabin with your own kitchen or you’re camping and making use of the camp kitchen, you’ll have access to ovens, microwaves, grills, and cooking utensils. Take advantage!

2. Measure ingredients ahead of time

When you’re cramming your vehicle with holiday equipment, a bag of bulky ingredients is an unwanted addition. If you’re planning on bringing food from home, measure the ingredients ahead of time and store them in snap lock bags or containers. This frees up space in your luggage and speeds up the process when it comes to cooking.

Bringing food from home, particularly measured amounts, has another benefit: it saves money. You’ll be surprised at just how much food purchases can eat into your holiday budget. Keep the coin for more important things, like souvenir tea towels and fridge magnets.

Farmers' markets are ideal for grabbing fresh local produce.

3. Check out the local produce

While you’re planning your holiday meals, it’s worth researching the accessibility of local produce at your chosen destination. The ingredients will likely be fresh and delicious, as well as healthy.

As BIG4 parks are spotted at roughly 180 holiday hotspots across Australia, you can be confident of finding a farmers' market or local produce store nearby. And BIG4 park staff can point you in the right direction to find the best meat, veggies, or local specialties.

4. Share the load in the kitchen

Even if you enjoy cooking and don’t mind spending time in the kitchen cooking up a treat, try to share the load so you can enjoy the holiday too.

If you have talented cooks in your midst, allocate chef duties to them one night or delegate small tasks to others to make things easier for yourself. Cooking can be fun if everyone pitches in, and it’s a great time to socialise with friends or bond with the kids as you create a delicious, healthy holiday meal.

5. BIG4 Recipe Book

Stuck for recipe ideas? We have the solution. With the help of your fellow travellers, we have created various editions of the Quick & Healthy Recipe Book, packed full of simple, tried and tested, delicious meals that can be replicated in all of our camp kitchens and are perfect for those days and nights holidaying at a BIG4 park.

The BIG4 Recipe Book is free to download. Meanwhile, you can also download this handy camp kitchen essentials checklist.

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