7 crucial tips for selling your caravan

When selling a caravan – or other big items – you want the smoothest possible experience. Ideally, your caravan will be sold quickly, without fuss, and at a price you’re satisfied with.

To help you achieve this, the experts at the Trading Post have put together these essential tips when it comes time to sell your caravan.

1. Sell at a peak time

If possible, consider selling your caravan during the peak period, as demand will fuel its price. Our evidence shows the peak months for selling caravans are January through to April. 

2. Start with a fair price

Have a minimum price in mind – but be prepared to negotiate. It’s best to look at what similar models are advertised for. You can research prices on to get a good indication of the market.

3. Include key details in your ad.

There are various essential details to include in your ad when selling your caravan, including the year the van was manufactured, its make, and your asking price.

In addition, be as informative as possible. Buyers usually do their research, so be prepared for questions, especially if there are common problems or restrictions with your caravan’s model or design.

Consider that buyers will likely wish to know how you used the van. Is it a good family van or more comfortable for a couple? It might not be as straightforward as detailing the number of beds in the van – configuration can make a huge difference.

Here’s an idea of some technical questions you might be asked.

  • How often has the caravan been used?
  • Where has it been stored?
  • How well has it been looked after?
  • What does it weigh (TARE, GTM and ATM)?
  • What tow car do you use?
  • Service details and history.
  • Total kilometres travelled, including off road, on dirt, or on corrugations.

Make sure you’re up front with your answers. If you’ve been quoted for a repair and can’t afford or justify the cost, be honest. Buyers will understand, but the caravan needs to be priced accordingly.

In the description, be clear about the reason for selling and be equally clear about how much you’ve enjoyed the van. Be specific and highlight the positives.

4. Photograph your caravan

Images make all the difference when selling any product, especially one as big as a caravan. And these days, smart phones and basic cameras allow you to easily photograph at high resolution, ensuring your caravan will look its best.

To enhance your images, turn on all the lights and open doors and windows when you’re photographing the van’s inside. The middle of the day offers the best light, even inside.

Take the time to upload plenty of photos. If your selling site allows you to upload 15 photos, like does, do so.

A short video of you moving around the van, or opening it up, is an amazing selling tool, so try to find a site like that allows you to include videos. Keep your video short and relevant, and practice first so there’s no awkward fumbling with sticky locks or switches.

Lastly, when photographing, ensure you have plenty of room around the van. Open up and fit any awnings or other accessories. If there are obvious defects like rips or dents make sure you photograph them. You don’t need to include them in the ad, but you can always send them to a prospective buyer to avoid unnecessary haggling later on.

5. Clean your caravan

Make sure the van is as clean as you can realistically afford to make it.  Consider making a small investment to expedite the sale. Spending a few hundred dollars detailing your van, or having zips and flyscreens replaced, can reap much bigger rewards.

Air out the caravan and consider using moisture absorber like DampRid. Make sure that everything works – a bit of oil or grease or ezy-glide might be just the difference from the van appearing neglected or operating smoothly.

If you have receipts for work or maintenance, dig them out and put them in a file to show a perspective buyer.

6. Ensure the inspection is a pleasant experience

When it comes time for an inspection, make sure there is easy access to the caravan. If it’s nighttime, consider providing additional lighting so the buyer can have a really good look in and under the van.

Demonstrate that everything operates as it should. Have the van plugged into power and gas the bottles, so when someone comes to look at your van they’ll see that the fridge is icy and the oven works.

Be polite and personable, and give the prospective buyer plenty of time to look over the van. Don’t hover and make the buyer nervous, as this will decrease your chances of locking in a sale.

7. Be safe online

Always use a site that has a good reputation for having excellent safety protocols in place. has a 24/7 anti-fraud squad monitoring every ad and enquiry to help protect both buyers and sellers.

If someone offers you more than your asking price, it’s fair to be suspicious, so always meet in person to do the transaction.

Happy selling!

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